Intel's Rosepoint Could Rewrite The Wi-Fi World

Intel's been hammering away at the concept of sticking radio circuits on its CPUs for years now. A research project, codenamed Rosepoint by Intel, may just have cracked it. A standard Wi-Fi chip is a relatively power-hungry analog beastie, and one that's not easy to build on the kinds of nano scales that normal chips are built at. Intel's Rosepoint eschews analog in favour of digital, where size scales can come down and power efficiency rockets up. It's still a research project in development, but Wired reports that Intel's managed to cram a digital Wi-Fi chip on an Atom processor. It's not a project that's quite ready for mass production just yet, but given the amount of noise that Intel's made about this kind of design for many years, it's clearly in Intel's future -- as well as an easy way into the radio chip market dominated by names such as Texas Instruments and Broadcom. [Wired]


    A Robert Anton Wilson-esque roller-coaster ride of an explanation here:

    tl;dr: The bonds were given in exchange to a wealthy and secretive group in china to keep them save from japanese invasion during wwII; but the fed reneged.

    Loads of pictures of similar items.

    I'll let you make up your mind ;)

    This will not be a good thing in future in regards to personal safety.

    But because I don't care what idiot has his hands on my info / insurance covers me in the case of monetary loss.. yay for CPU WiFi.

      Why do you say it's bad for personal safety?

      I would also like to know how this is "unsafe"??

        I think he is talking about privacy more than safety.

      Why would this deviate in the slightest from what can happen now days? Whether the WiFi is on the CPU or on a separate bit of electronics, the effect to your privacy will be no different.

    Strange comments on this one from people.

    WiFi on a chip would be pretty good, especially with less power usage, a good boon to phones and tablets!

      Yes but the comments from robots have been priceless!

      Agreed though - less power usage for the same result is always awesome.

    As long as i can turn it off via the BIOS.

      just dont buy a rosepoint cpu

      Scumbag Nicholas:

      - Buys digital WI-FI, uses analog device
      - Buys hyperthreaded CPU, disables it.
      - Buys a Mac, exclusively uses BootCamp.

    wow matt reddit much? yes much.
    your meme's are outdated and only belong on your facebook page....bro.

    agreed: good for tablets.

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