Inside The World Of Dinosaurs: Dino Fights On Your iPad

Inside The World Of Dinosaurs: Dino Fights On Your iPad

You want to know what people love about dinosaurs? Everything. People love everything about dinosaurs. They were huge — literally. And now they’re extinct, but it wasn’t our fault. But now there’s an app that’s crammed full of information and narrated by Stephen Fry. Yeah, that Stephen Fry.

What’s it do?

The 310 interactive 3D models are cool. The 60 photo-realistic dinosaurs are also cool. But the 40 interactive 3D recreations of dinosaurs in mid-fight is the money feature. Plus, Stephen Fry delivers five hours of narration to accompany 60 original dinosaur sounds. I don’t think Stephen Fry made the dinosaur sounds, but that would have been a selling point to me.

Why do we like it?

The app has more than enough information to keep anyone interested in dinosaurs ecstatic. At $15, it’s not exactly cheap, but there’s something about it we can’t resist. Maybe it was all the research. Maybe it was Stephen Fry’s sultry narration. But the price is actually reasonable when you think about what you would get if you purchased a book with roughly the same amount of information.

Inside the World of Dinosaurs

Download this app for:

The Best

Dinosaurs are rad

The Worst

No blood during fights