I'm A Grown Man, But I Would Still Wear These Lightsabre Sneakers

The Phantom Menace will soon be returning to theatres, which of course means the Lucasfilm marketing machine is running at full throttle. An endless stream of new Star Wars merchandise is en route, including these fresh lightsabre kicks from Stride Rite.

What? You don't think I know they're only made for kids? That doesn't stop me from wanting a pair in my size. I mean, sure, they could tone down the design a bit, maybe pass on the Velcro, but that flashing lightsabre accent? I'm already completely sold. And let's face it, my only options for fulfilling my glowing shoe fantasies are dropping thousands of dollars for Nike's BTTF sneaks, or making a heartfelt plea to Stride Rite to make a pair of these for me.

Also awesome, these R2-D2 themed shoes which are sadly sized even smaller. Both are priced around $30, while the saber sneaks are $US56 — at least the toddler sized ones. [Stride Rite via Buzzfeed]

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