HTC's 2012 Phones Will Be Playstation Certified

Sony Ericsson made a lot of noise in 2011 regarding 'Playstation' phones, but aside from a single model, it's all been a bit quiet since then. Now it's emerged that the first company outside of Sony to get Playstation certification will be HTC. Pocket-Lint reports on the news, with the announcement due to follow, possibly at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks. Although it appears that HTC's borrowing something from the Apple playbook; when approached for confirmation, HTC told Pocket-Lint that it "couldn't comment on rumours or speculation".

While as a gaming phone the Xperia PLAY was solid, and I do love certain PSONE titles, I'm yet to be overly wowed by the Android Playstation initiative. If HTC does come on board, it could mean big things for both companies. What's your take — would having Playstation certification make HTC's handsets more attractive? [Pocket-Lint]

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