How To Get A Refund From The App Store

There are something like a bazillion apps in the App Store. Do you know what that means? A lot of craptacular apps that should never be put on your iPhone. But sometimes you download an app not knowing it sucks or doesn't work or is buggy or isn't what you thought. Can you get a refund from the App Store? Yes! Here's how.

Remember, this isn't an official refund policy for the App Store, because the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions specifically states:

All sales and rentals of products are final.

Which means, your mileage is definitely going to vary when it comes to getting a refund on the App Store. If your cause is legitimate -- like, say, you downloaded that bogus Yellow Pokemon app this weekend -- it still may take weeks or even months before you get your money back. If you're just grouchy about being dumb? You probably won't ever get your money back. But at least we know there's a shot! So, how do you do it?

Open up Your Account in iTunes Go to the iTunes Store and check your account. It's in the top right corner.

Check Your Purchase History Once you're logged in, click 'See All>' under Purchase History

Report a Problem Scroll down until you see the big button that says 'Report a Problem'. Click that big button.

Select the App Find the app you want a refund for and select 'Report a Problem'

Explain Choose the problem you're having and write a detailed reason why you think you should get a refund for the app. Remember, you're fighting an uphill claim so make sure your reasons are legitimate to give yourself the best chance.

Apple lists these six categories for your app-related complaints:

  • I didn't receive this application
  • I inadvertently purchased this application
  • This application does not function as expected
  • This application is not compatible with my device
  • I have another purchase or download-relation question

Good luck. Also, please only refund apps that really don't work. Developers need to eat too.



    Apple should be reported for making the claim that says sales are final.
    They do not have the right to override your entitlement for a refund.
    There are many stores that attempt this deceptive behaviour and consumers should not stand for it.
    You have the right to a full refund in the same form as you purchased the item (cash for cash, credit card for credit card etc) if the goods are faulty/not as described. Also, contrary to many store policies, you have the same right to a refund whether or not the goods are returned in the original packaging.

      inb4 apple fanboi comment....

      tell me when apple did not do whatever they pleases?

      FYI, i have an iphone and an ipad as well, so im no haters

      I'm not qualified to answer, but I've always read and been told that as long as the final sales statement is agreed to you are stuck.

      Its no different than walking into a department store and buying something off the shelf maked as "ALL SALES FINAL".. you buy you own you wear the responsibility of your decision. If suddenly you don't like that 'whatchamacallit" you can't walk back into the shop for a refund... unless the product is defective or was sold incomplete etc with a fault.

      If you didn't read the mind numbingly boring long and dull license agreement when you set up your iTunes account you only have yourself to blame.

        It's actually ILLEGAL in Australia to have NO REFUND signs, or other signs which have the same affect. See here:

          I'm sorry, but did you even read that website:
          They can have a sign

          Direct quote:

          >Sellers can have signs that state ‘No refunds will be given if you have simply
          >changed your mind’.

          and don;t have to give a refund

          >What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?
          >No. The consumer guarantees do not require a seller to give you a refund
          >you change your mind and decide that you don’t like or need the goods or >discover that the goods are cheaper elsewhere.

        "I'm not qualified to answer, but..."

        ...but you did anyway, and incorrectly at that.

      I purchased an application from Apple Store for a 12C HP Calculator but evidently the application had copyright issues and Vicino the seller was compelled to remove and adjust their application so as to not infringe with HP. When I first bought application it worked fine in my iphone but later Vicino started to issue a continues string of upgrades (maybe to comply with HP copyrights) and then suddenly on the last upgrade the new upgrade totally does not work on my iphone. I wrote Apple and Vicino both wrote complaint reviews but nothing, no reply, It is not the money as I only paid $2.99 but there must be several thousands out there with the same problems and we are being ripped-off so I want to get a refund . . . it is annoying. Now HP has listed the real 12 C for $10.99 and I am considering buying that but first I want Vicino and Apple to pay back what they sold but does not work

        I also meant to say that in spite of the facts listed herein if you access the 12C calculator Vicino application you will notice they have several 5 stars review ratings but no complaints listed. I have listed several complaints and 1 star rating but those are never shown so they can lure more buyers. It is possible that on the last upgrades by Vicino-Apple that they made it compatible only with Version 4. My iphone is version 3g 3.1.2.>>>> however, it worked when I bought it but now it does not on my iphone.

    Could this also work to remove those annoying apps that you download to try but decide not to bother, but then remain in your 'Purchased' list forever?

      You can get rid of those already!

      From the "Purchased" list in the App Store on your iPhone, just do the usual swipe-left-to-delete. From iTunes on your Mac/PC, when you go to previous purchases in your Account, as mentioned in the article, there should be a small "X" button next to each app you can use to remove it.

      I'm pretty sure somewhere else in iTunes (but I don't remember where) is an option to view ALL past purchases, including those ones you've previously told iTunes to 'forget'.

    I believe the terms and conditions aren't enforcable in Australia, particularly this phrase, as under Australian Consumer Law you are always entitled for a refund if the product does not do what it promised.

      Yeah I would expect that quoting the code while describing the fault would pretty much ensure you would be refunded (as long as it is legitimate)

    I thought you were NOT buying from Australia, My appstore bills are for a Singapore company so I don't see what Australian law has to do with Singapore.

      That would be something to take up with the courts, but it's probably the case that transaction would be assumed to be within Australia for legal and taxation purposes.

    If you choose "This application does not function as expected" it simply refers you to the developer. And you can't go back and copy your carefully crafted eloquent complaint.

    So go here instead:
    and make a complaint via the iTunes store or App store methods.

    For the record I requested a refund for the Quota app which has been abandoned and have cited my Australian Consumer Law entitlement.

    Few months ago I decided to fork the big bucks and buy TomTom. I jumped on to the AppStore, searched TomTom and bought it. It ended up being TomTom NZ O.o.
    I called apple and went off my brains complaining about TomTom NZ being on the top selling apps in the AU store. They said they will happily refund my money and I should get it back with in 5 working days.
    Well, I was pleased tbh... So I went straight away and bought TomTom Au. Afte 4 days I got my money back to my Apple account!!!! O.o O.o O.o
    Like WTF, there's no way in hell I can withdraw back my credit card...

    You can get Refund from Apple, I got $13.99 refund, it was a book, and before they give u refund, you have to give proper reason, the book I purchased was for IOS development KIT for 4.0. it was an old book and IOS 5 was already out for customers. ( It was my mistake, while scrolling I clicked on buy button and it asked me for Password and I give it, I almost all the time I buy from my Iphone, but on that day I was using Itunes on PC, after that i never buy from Itunes, I prefer Iphone for buying.)

    I got the refund in less than 2 days.

    When they give you the refund, where does it go exactly? To your bank account? Or will it transfer to iTunes credit so you can buy another app with it? Thanks for your time!

    Itunes charges and takes your money twice in some circumstances. When your account is overdrawn and you purchase from iTunes it automatically closes your access and forces you to log on again with your credit card details.

    Unfortunately sometimes this results in you being charged twice, once when the overdrawn amount is not reversed as a credit into your bank and then the second time when iTunes forces you to pay again as part of the log in process.

    This might only happen in some situations, but it definitely does happen.

    If the bug had the opposite effect, i.e. less money for iTunes, it would be fixed in a heartbeat.

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