How To Get 4.5 GB Of Dropbox Storage For Free

The more Dropbox storage space you have, the happier your computer will be. It's true! And the more free Dropbox storage space you get, the happier your wallet will be. And right now, you can get 4.5GB of Dropbox space FOR FREE. Win freaking win. Here's how.

Dropbox is running a beta test on its new Experimental Dropbox 1.3.12 software right now and will give you 4.5 GB of storage (at 500MB increments) to test out some of the new features in Dropbox beta. What the new feature does is enable the automatic imports of photos and videos from cameras, smartphones and SD cards. Basically, when you plug in a camera to your computer, Dropbox will start uploading the pictures to your Dropbox and you'll start getting free storage. Neat!

Yup, Dropbox says:

During this beta period, we are also offering additional free space to test automatic uploading of photos and videos. For every 500MB of photos and videos automatically uploaded, you'll receive another 500MB space bonus, up to 4.5GB total.

Of course, as with any test software, you should be careful with backing up your backups before you dive right in, but this definitely seems like a dead easy way to grab 4.5GB of Dropbox space. Just plug a camera in and keep uploading photos! Download and read about the Experimental Dropbox 1.3.12 right here and go get your free gigs. [Dropbox via Ghacks via Slickdeals]



    That's jolly good and all but what if you have a low bandwidth cap.

      Bad luck to you I guess?

      That's jolly good and all but what if you don't have a computer.

      That's jolly good and all but what if you've been decapitated.

      That's jolly good and all but what if...

      Dropbox is going for the MegaUpload customers.

      You can use the following method to get 4GB extra space without having to upload 4GB.

      1.So I copied 4GB on to an SD card.

      2.Inserted the SD card into my computer running windows 7 32bit and selected import pirctures and videos
      using dropbox from the Autoplay dialog box.

      3.Let dropbox do its import thing (where the dropbox icon in the task bar turns into a camera).

      4.Once that is finished let dropbox do its indexing (hover over dropbox icon in the task bar and you will
      see it indexing the files)

      5.Once dropbox has finished indexing “pause syncing” delete the files in the newly created dropbox folder
      named “Camera Uploads”

      6.“resume syncing” and I got my free 4gb without having to upload the 4GB.

        ^Confirmed, thanks for the tip.

          Also confirmed! Thanks. Besides that, the trick about hiding a big file inside a .jpg also works. I hid a big .iso inside a .jpg and dropbox successfully imported that picture. 5GB in 15 minutes! :)

    SkyDrive offers 25GB for free as well as 5GB synced storage on top of that... Just explaining the marketplace to people who are looking for an online storage solution (now that MegaUpload has gone away)

    Anyone know if you can add this 4.5GB to an existing account?

      I think that's the only way to do it.. you download and use this new fangled client with AV uploading, and it will start adding to your account.

    I'm pretty sure it was Bill Gates that said "640k should be enough for anyone" :)

    I got 50GB of free storage with, and all I had to do was sign up from within their iOS app. Bye bye Dropbox.

      I did the same, but Box impose crippling limitations to the size of the files that you can upload to their service. You have to pay to lift the restriction. I gave up.

      According to their pricing page, with the free account, you can't upload files bigger than 25Mb.... even paying, the max file size you can upload is 1Gb files... mmm that's a NO NO for me... (I work with video files that are usually quite big)

      Problem with is they dont offer the free account any syncing support like dropbox, you have to pay for it.

    So, you upload 4.5gb of pics and vids. Can you then delete them and use the 4.5gb for other stuff?

    Worked for me got the 4.5GBs removed teh photos and can use it for anything now. Also helped in Beta for a great program. Double win!

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