How To Fix The Phantom Menace In 12 Minutes

The Phantom Menace -- even in its gussied-up fancy 3D version -- isn't a terribly good movie. But what if it was? What kind of changes would you need to make? There have been numerous suggestions as to what's wrong with Phantom Menace (many of which rhyme with "Mar Mar Finks Ducks"), but, Phantom Edit notwithstanding, not that many fixes. Would the below slightly-hyper-excited changes make the Phantom Menace more compelling for you?

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    If this guy's "What if" was true, I would be interested in watching the next movie.

    ... But watching these makes reality hurt that much more. Why did OUR Episode 1 have to be the crap one :(

    this guy has alot of time on his hands.....

    pretty good though

      A lot of time, as in 12 minutes?

    The force is strong with this one.

    I always thought a good fix to how cheaply Darth Maul went out in the first prequel is to make General Grievous = Darth Maul. Chopped in half and put back together as General Grievous, really pissed and superbadass.

    Very good... why couldnt they have made this movie?

    Could not agree more!

    Holy shit, I want to watch THAT version of the movie.

    So much fluff and crappy nonsensical storytelling in the prequels make them annoying to rewatch.

    Quick Lucas, give this man a Star Wars sequel script for him to go over, and then make his altered version of your sequel...we will love you for it.

    Jar Jar Binks does indeed suck, but really, he's the least of the many problems with the movie.

    Maybe the next re-re-re-release of Episode 1 can be edited to be like this!

    Only took like 13 years and 20-20 hindsight. LAME.

    My theory is that the entire series is the story of R2-D2.

    With R2-D2 everyone would have died a million times over. In fact R2-D2 is the great jedi ever.

    Personally I think that Jar Jar could be redeemed. I liked how he was a fool and became the pawn who created the army. If the slapstick was removed and you left him an idiot who was forcesenitive but only a bit, giving him some fight and empathy allowing him to be tricked by a sith lord then as a character he would work.

    Doo doo jokes, clumsyness that wins battles and a position in the senate for no real reason ruin his character. But a contrasting character who is on the side of the heros but not a hero himself who gets used. That is a bit more intresting.

    I have to say I love this version related here, it would be a much improved film (but then there is no where to go but up with TPM). I would also like to put a word in for removing some of the racism in the films (The trade confederation coming across like bad japanese villains, Jar-Jar Binks sounding like an idiot dyslexic jamaican parody etc), as it was rather unnecessary.
    I think Lucas's main problem is he kept trying to make films aimed at kids (with a massive slathering of marketing rather than film making as well) but a HUGE percentage of his audience is of course the adults who saw the first film when they were teenagers - and those are the ones with the intelligence to be critical where a lot of kids will just watch anything more or less. Plus of course, he just doesn't get what makes the universe appeal to people - or he wouldn't have sucked all the magic out of the Force with the Midichlorians. Oh, you mean wielding the force isn't magical, its more like a disease? That's romantic and inspirational for sure :)

    Here's how I'd fix it -- Sort of:

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