How To Build A Better Nerf Gun

The weekend's fast approaching, and that means that many of you will have time on your hands. Time, and quite possibly a hankering for a little nefarious Nerf action. Sure, you could go with a boring stock gun, but why not opt for something a little more powerful?

Make has an excellent weekend's task to keep you busy; Simon Jansen's excellent looking — and apparently far more accurate Nerf Pistol. What's even more impressive about the Nerf Pistol is that he made it essentially out of bits of junk he had lying around.

"I made the pistol from PVC pipe, aluminium extrusion, and aluminium tubing, with wood for the grip and various pieces of metal and plastic, mostly from my junk box — and you can easily adapt the design to use what you have in yours. A sliding trigger and telescoping plunger keep the pistol short and compact. You’ll need a small metal lathe to machine some of the parts, but as there’s nothing too critical in the design, this is a nice project to hone your skills."


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