How Realistic Would A Robot Have To Be For You To Have Sex With It?

Implements for human-robot relations already run the gamut from abstract Fleshlights to fully-articulated, Uncanny Valley-straddling love dolls. But is more realism always better?

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That is, if properly equipped, would an android from U.S. Robotics still be as attractive as, say, a Fembot? Then, what about a Hookerbot from Futurama? It's a slippery slope, to be sure, but essentially when does hanky-panky with an electronic being turn into humping a VCR? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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    Clean up after a regretful shame filled session of unadulterated electronic love seems to me the most icky part of the process. Umn....I imagine...yeah...I imagine..

      Maybe robots could have cum powered fuel cells?

    From my wife as she read the title of the article ... "Not Much".

    If she will love me then everything will be ok

    Read this out to a friend, who then asked "What about the BuffyBot?"

    that's too realistic.

    What hope have you got as a human being if you cannot bond with another or if can and you instead choose to only maths debate.

      More hope than someone with lousy grammar.
      Besides, you can always switch a robot off or mute the thing if it starts to get annoying, unlike a Human.
      And who said anything about Bonding, unless your using that as a euphemism.

        " unless your using"

        aaand the grammar corrector with the ironically bad grammar of the day is...

    I would fuck an etch'a'sketch if it had a fleshlight inbuilt

      so you'll be ordering one of those fleshlight's for ipad's then?

    Id have sex with Summer Glau in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
    And quite possibly numerous levels of robot technology below her.

      lol Cameron was my first thought.

      Oh any day would I do Summer Glau in Terminator

    Cylon Number Six, please.

      Is she the 6' blond with 5'11" legs? Then definitely, although Sharon is pretty nice too.

    Can't help but think of that Tarantino quote - 'If I'd wanted all that computer game bullshit, I'd have stuck my dick in a Nintendo.'

    Summer Glau in Terminator.... ditto on that one

    I guess it also depends on the situation. I'm thinking that with sufficiently sophisticated VR gear the actual robot itself needn't *look* the part, so long as it *felt* and *smelled* the part.

    The only love I'm giving a machine comes in the form of a computer game or on the racetrack.

    Wise words from the 70's.
    If it feels good, do it! :) will have sex with a wet anything that resembled our favourite parts of the female anatomy would be enough...

    Why build sex robots, What we need is robots that make us feel love and companionship it needn't even be human a animal that can supply companionship but never die would be fine.

    Unfortunately we all know that it would be a lie because robots dont have feelings unless you program those feeligns and you cant program someone to love you its hollow.

      " Why build sex robots, "
      Because we're talking about sex here. Not love.
      Two very different things. One's an emotion, the other is a physical activity.

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