How Much Would You Pay For Your Own Branded Tablet?

How Much Would You Pay For Your Own Branded Tablet?

Spam — it’s terrible stuff. Not so much the potted meat product — I don’t want to get sued, although I don’t much like that either. But sometimes Spam turns up unintentionally hilarious nuggets, like this firm offering customised tablets, direct from China.

This was an email sent to another IT journalist I know (thanks David!), and it piqued my interest, if only because of the included imagery and specifications, although annoyingly pricing isn’t included.

Still, it’s a touch above the usual industrial products spam that seems to creep into my inbox when I’m not looking, although the specifications of these particular units (Android 2.2, 2GB RAM, 800×480 7 inch LCD and 0.3MP camera) aren’t anything to get excited about.

It’s also pretty obvious which particular tablet it has taken its design notes from.

Obvious massive note here: I’ll go out on a limb and say that the quality of these isn’t going to be that great, and I’m not actually listing the contact details lest a Gizmodo reader get horrifically ripped off. But it does raise the question: Would you pay actual money for your own branded tablet if you could get it?