How Does This Tiny Wood Grill Reach 590C?

A uranium core? A miniature sun? Molten lava? None of the above I'm afraid. Like the blacksmiths of yesteryear, the Cook-Air uses bellows, or in this case a fan, to provide an ample source of oxygen to fuel the flames.

Instead of a bottle of propane or other combustible gases, the Cook-Air uses simple compressed wooden pucks (made from recycled scraps) that burn inside a chamber that's fed air through a ventilation system. In just five minutes the grill can reach searing temperatures of up to 590C and is claimed to have the equivalent of 65,000 BTUs of power. For reference, your average backyard gas BBQ has around 30,000.

To keep the $US200 grill portable, the electric-powered fan can be powered by AC, a car adaptor or eight D-sized batteries, which is probably going to add a bit more heft. But, who cares if it cuts down on the time you have to wait for a perfectly cooked steak? [Cook-Air via Gizmag]

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