Hackers Target Sony Australia, Hit Reseller Instead

The local domain sonyvaio.com.au has been hacked and a defacement page posted claiming credit for the attack. A Malaysian-based group bragged on a since-removed Facebook post, “W00t SONY VAIO Australia hacked.” However, Gizmodo AU checked whois records and found the domain actually belongs to TX Computer Solutions, an authorised Sony reseller.

Giz spoke with one of TX Computer’s co-owners, Santana Khoutongsy, who said the company heard about the problem from a client earlier this morning and was working with its ISP to resolve the issue. Indeed, as that conversation was underway the website returned to normal as the ISP refreshed its cache.

Cyber War News first reported on the attack after another hacker crew spread the word on Facebook. That post now looks to have been removed also. [CyberWarNews.info]

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