Google's Do-Not-Track Button Now Available As A Chrome Extension

Remember when yesterday we told you that Google would be implementing a Do-Not-Track button? Well Speedy Gonzales must be working over there, because it's out and downloadable right now.

Installing the extension is super easy. Just follow this link to the Chrome store, hit Install, and that's it. It's enabled by default and you're good to go. From the description in the Chrome Web Store:

Keep My Opt-Outs is an extension for users who aren't comfortable with personalisation of the ads they see on the web. It's a one-step, persistent opt-out of personalised advertising and related data tracking performed by companies adopting the industry privacy standards for online advertising... As more companies adopt the industry privacy standards (, their opt-outs will be automatically added to Keep My Opt-Outs. As with all Chrome extensions, you'll be asked to allow Chrome to update the extension.

One might think of the new privacy standards as the web-equivalent of the Do-Not-Call list. Google's been ruffling a lot of feathers recently when it comes to privacy, so it's good to see them reacting quickly on this front. It's likely that this button will be built into future versions of Chrome, but in the meantime, you can patch the hole yourself. The only drawback (if you consider it that) is that the ads you'll see won't be targeted to you and may not be as relevant. As someone who tries to get into a zen-like state in order to not see ads, I don't care. [Chrome Web Store via Engadget]

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