Ghost In The Shell's Think Tanks Are Intimidating, Even In LEGO Form

Major Kusinagi's climactic fight against the Alakuneda Think Tank in the original Ghost in the Shell is easily one of the best fight scenes in modern anime. Now, that arm-shearing battle has gotten a bit cuter with a think tank made from stock LEGO bricks.

The tank and Maj. Kusinagi figurine are the brainchild of Cole Blaq. The tank itself is built exclusively from off-the-shelf blocks -- hence it being grey rather than tan, like in the movie -- but is impressively detailed down to its dual mini-guns, retractable front arms and fully articulated joints. Kusinagi, on the other hand, is a custom-painted LEGO Friends minifig (see, they are good for something), though I don't remember the Major as a brunette.

While he's only made these images available so far, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Cole Blaq releases instructions for this build so I can make one for myself. [Flickr via Brothers Brick via Technabob]


    Oh frik' that is fantastic! Such an awesome mecha design for such an awesome scene in such an awesome anime movie!
    I'd so buy this if it were a lego kit


    Amazingly cool. Super dooper awesome! I want one.

    One ultra-nerdy critique of the writing though- Those are definitely not "dual miniguns". A "minigun" is a slang name for the scaled down version of the 20mm Vulcan rotary cannons... the little 7.62mm version, hence "mini". It's not a generic term for a rotary gun. or cannon

    The fictional guns in the anime would be full sized rotary cannons: Nothing "mini" about them..

    Anyway. Thanks for posting this image. This tank is glorious! :)

    Yeahhh but is it going to be released in Australia? All the good stuff never is!

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