George Lucas Now Says That Han Never Shot First

George Lucas Now Says That Han Never Shot First

History revisionists. I hate them. But not as much as I hate George Lucas for making Han shot last. Now, with Star Wars 3D about to arrive to the theatres, Lucas has completely lost it. He now says that Han never shot first:

The controversy over who shot first, Greedo or Han Solo, in Episode IV, what I did was try to clean up the confusion, but obviously it upset people because they wanted Solo [who seemed to be the one who shot first in the original] to be a cold-blooded killer, but he actually isn’t.

It had been done in all close-ups and it was confusing about who did what to whom. I put a little wider shot in there that made it clear that Greedo is the one who shot first, but everyone wanted to think that Han shot first, because they wanted to think that he actually just gunned him down.


George, how do you have the thermal detonators to try to rewrite history in this way? Do you think we are stupid? Wasn’t it enough to paint that stupid laser blast coming at an stupid angle from Greedo? Do you really think that, if Greedo shot first, he would have missed Han at that distance? Was he the son of two Stormtroopers?

George Lucas, stop saying words. [Hollywood Reporter via AV Club]