Galaxy S II 4G, Galaxy Note Soon From Telstra?

Your Sunday smartphone rumour is courtesy of Telstra which, according to a source "in-the-know" speaking to Ausdroid, has revealed that the Samsung's Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II 4G have popped up in the telco's "internal systems" and could be out and about in the "near future".

The source didn't reveal pricing or launch dates, so all we have at the moment is speculation. Ausdroid notes that Vodafone's been playing around with the Galaxy Note and Samsung's already given it's blessing to sell the smartphone locally, so the real news here is the S II 4G. But that only raises another question. From Ausdroid:

As for the Galaxy S II 4G, it could either be the normal Galaxy S II available now except with a 4G modem in it, or it could be the upcoming Galaxy S II Plus that’s expected to launch at MWC [Mobile World Congress] later this month. The Galaxy S II Plus apparently has a faster 1.5GHz dual-core Exynos CPU and a slightly different button set up to better suit Android 4.0.

Which do you reckon it will be (if at all)?


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