Fujifilm X-Pro1 Gets Aussie Pricing

The X-Pro1 is a sweet looking bit of camera kit — but it's not going to be cheap when it lands on our shores at the end of March. Fujifilm Australia's announced the availability of its mirrorless camera as 'late March', which isn't that precise. What is precise is the pricing that it'll attract. The X-Pro1 body will cost $1799; in a kit form with a 35mm lens it'll set you back $2499. Three lenses have also been priced; the X-PRO1 18mm F2.0 (27mm equiv) will be $699.00, the X-PRO1 35m F1.4 (53mm equiv) will likewise be $699.00, and the X-PRO1 60m F2.4 (91mm equiv) will set you back $749.00.

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