Four GoPro Cameras And Aerobatics Over Sydney

Last week I visited the Red Baron team at Bankstown Airport in Sydney. I had wanted to go ever since I found out they owned the only Red Bull Extra 200 plane in the country (brother to the Red Bull Air Race Extra 300). I hooked up four GoPro cameras, more than ever before on their Extra 200, and ratcheted (yes – ratcheted) myself into the front seat for the insanity that is Red Baron Aerobatics. Video after the jump.

You can pay for the team’s cameras to film you, but I added on more GoPros (head mounted; top-left video feed, and aiming at the Pilot; top right video feed). When I booked the flight I was going to be the first passenger ever to use a head mounted GoPro, but between then and the flight I had been beaten to the punch according to Red Baron pilot and owner, Joel Haski, by only a few days.

Within the 30 minute ‘Red Bull Air Race’ flight Joel pushed the aircraft to its G-Force limits of 8 positive G’s (I weighed 536kgs during those manoeuvres I’m told) and negative 3.5 G’s, reaching a maximum speed of 200 knots (370km/h). He even flew backwards at one point! And yes, I did lots of Starfox-style barrel rolls (with a roll rate of one roll per second!).

It wasn’t all hard core though, Joel pointed out landmarks and flew close to clouds whenever he could, ensuring that I got a taste of more peaceful aviation as well.

Upon returning back to hangar I was offered free Red Bull until my body returned to normal while they transferred their GoPro footage onto USB for me to take home.

I can't thank the Red Baron team enough for their efforts to give me the best flight possible on the day. I highly recommend anyone that wants to experience aerobatics to check out!


    sick video! Whats the name of that song?

      The Song is "Sail" by AWOLNATION. They are signed to Red Bull Records, so it suited the whole Red Bull theme. Plus it is a great song to sync video to.

    Quite a lot of this footage is filmed around Moorabbin in Victoria. Great video though.

      Correct, I only hard 4 GoPros on hand - but red baron owner, Joel Haski, gave me two recordings of his trip down to Melbourne performing the same aerobatic routine I experienced. I only used them to show the routine from another angle.

      I'm really glad you like the video!

    dude, was that you that went to CES in Vegas? You have the best job

      Yes that was me at CES 2012 jumping off the 260m high platform.

      Next up is my AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) course (a.k.a learning to skydive solo). The only problem is all of this action gets expensive so it might be a month or so before I take the dive.

      I will be documenting it all on

    Awesome fun, I have just started learning aerobatics, unfortunately not in a Robinson or Pitts Special, but in a DHC-1 Chipmunk, and I love it.

    Had my second lesson today, rolls and loops, first time I have ever been in control of an inverted aircraft.

    Once I have the hang of the Chippie, I will progress to a Pitts Special, when I can afford it, lol.

    Doing aerobatics as a passenger is one thing, actually doing it yourself is so so much more fun. Can't wait to do my first solo aerobatics session, just need that tailwheel endorsement, and I will be doing it solo. :)

    One day I want to fly the Extra 200 they have (The Red Bull) plane, and do aero in that, one day I will get there.

    One day I may just buy an Extra 200, nice. :)

      Wow Sally, best of luck! Im not sure red baron allow any pilots to use the extra 200, there were a few employees there that were qualified but still couldn't. it would be great.

      I am learning to skydive instead, cheaper and a bigger adrenaline rush.

      you should get a gopro and upload your progress as a pilot. message me @ if you ever get a channel going.

    in the words of Monty Python (from the dungeon scene) ..
    "You lucky lucky bastard!"

    You too Sally :) Half yer luck guys!

      Cheers mate! If you ever get the chance to try it, definitely book yourself in!

    Nostalgia! i did all my flying from bankstown! can't wait to get back to sydney in april and complete the rest of it!

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