Facebook's New Photo Viewer Is The Best Ever

Facebook is the place we look at photos online. And for years, those photos have been constrained to tiny boxes and ugly, low-resolution uploads. No more! Facebook's new picture browser is here: your life is now giant and pretty.

The new format also takes comments and tags and swings them over to the right-hand side instead of underneath each shot. This is a little jarring at first, but it's an improvement — now we can look at both images and text sans scrolling. As a consequence, ads are now more prominent while scrolling through albums too. An entirely unsurprising bummer.

But the photos! The photos are (relatively) huge. It looks like the maximum size is now a hefty 960x720, which matches the graphical grandiosity of Timeline. With your fingers on the arrow key triggers, rifling through albums is now fast and extremely pretty — a long overdue augmentation of the social JPEG gold standard.

Now, two things, please: give us a full-screen mode, and when we delete photos, actually delete them.

(Note: if you're not seeing the new view yet, log out and log back in. Worked for me).

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