Facebook Data Centre Uses As Much Power As The Entire County It’s In

Data centres are power-hungry, and Facebook's Oregon centre in Crook County is no exception, using 28MW. While that's fairly standard, it has doubled the power use of the county.

The entirety of Crook County uses just under 30MW. Add to that the fact that this is only Facebook's first phase of data centres in this part of the US, and the everyday power needs of the locals will pale into insignificance in the future. Fortunately, the local power grid is being expanded to add capacity, and in fact the centre has brought tens of millions of dollars into the local economy. I'm sure the locals Like that. [Data centre Knowledge via SlashDot]

Image: Tom Raftery


    Would be interesting to know what sort of generator will be used to add the extra power capacity.

      Well depends on what resources they have access to. natural gas would be handy and they could just have their own utilities plant and generate their own power with gas turbines... which is probably what they do. That would have been a factor when selecting a suitable site to put the data center.

      Just in case you were wondering,Perth for instance is powered by a series of 200MW+ generators from various companies. on average at the moment they have 330MW spinning reserve for if a genset fails or load increases suddenly. total usage of perth will be around 3400MW today. So 20MW aint all that much really :)

    glad none of my data is in there, facebook is evil.

      Quick, you better run and get your al-foil hat!

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