Facebook Ads Turn Unsuspecting Man Into Spokesperson For Giant Tub Of Lube

A 208-litre tub of lube is funny. That's just science. But when you post to Facebook about it being a funny thing that exists in the world, there's a chance that your post might get turned into an ad for that specific lifetime supply of hand love enabler, visible to everyone you know.

That's what happened when Nick Bergus posted about the notorious 208-litre pleasure tub a while back. He saw it, fired off a joke, and more or less forgot about it. Then this happened:

A week later, a friend posts a screen capture and tells me that my post has been showing up next to his news feed as a sponsored story, meaning Amazon is paying Facebook to highlight my link to a giant tub of personal lubricant.

Other people start reporting that they're seeing it, too. A fellow roller derby referee. A former employee of a magazine I still write for. My co-worker's wife. They're not seeing just once, but regularly. Said one friend: "It has shown up as one on mine every single time I log in."

That's equal parts disquieting and hilarious, of course. Actually, no. It's far more funny than it is alarming. Look, no personal information was disclosed or traded, no one was egregiously harmed, and honestly, the story of how that one time you became the face of the 208-litre lubricant merchants of the world is worth having to explain a very funny situation to a few confused acquaintances. Just maybe be a little careful about posting about that hilarious dildo you just saw, eh? [Nick Bergus via Kottke]



    A box of Viagra, a roll of cotton rope and a 208 litre bucket of lube. All you need for a good weekend.... Even if you don't have a girlfriend.....

    I see this as more sinister. The ad version of his post has the man's name and image attached to it, but none of the context of the joke it was intended as. It's widely published to all his friends, family and co-workers.
    That's a pretty bad precedent.
    What if Google started doing that?

    I don't mind sites using info I post and browsing habits to better market to ME, that's what we all agree to, not being used AS the marketing. That's another level and not worth the "free" service.

      I got the impression it was only being advertised to his friends? As in "your friend Nick likes this giant tub of lube, maybe you will too?"

      It took me a couple of minute to be able to hold a finger steady enough to type I was laughing so much. You Sir, wins the internetz;-)

    Currently 46% off!! RRP $2,750.00. Yours for $1,495.00. Can't beat that saving, but you can beat something later... for as long as 55gallons lasts.

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