Everything You Need To Embrace Linsanity

Everything You Need To Embrace Linsanity
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Linsanity! You’re a nerd, but you just got interested in basketball because Jeremy Lin’s improbable rise from Harvard-bred benchwarmer to Kobe Buster is changing the way that you look at the game.

Aren’t you so excited to be into sports? Jeremy Lin proves that anyone can be a winner. Well, not exactly. Jeremy Lin is 6’3″ (190.5cm), was a high school basketball star and played Division I college ball. But the bottom line is that no one expected Lin to be much of anything in the pros, and so his success makes following basketball fun even if the only basketball shoes you’ve ever owned are Chuck Taylors, and the closest you’ve come to a pro game is NBA Jam. We’ll turn you into the greatest fan yet.

NBA League Pass

If you want to get clued into the hype you’re going to have to actually watch basketball. Lots of basketball. Luckily, you can watch basically every game, at anytime, no matter where you are thanks to NBA League Pass. Bless technology. $44.22/month [imgclear]


Look, you can’t properly embrace any sensationalist trend without the proper apparel. That’s what we call taking without giving back. Are you really going to hit Madison Square Garden or your local sports bar to watch a Knicks game outfitted in anything less than the finest, hysteria-inspired gear? $US15. [imgclear]

Nike Air jordan IV New York Knicks

Here’s the thing about being a basketball fan or player: it’s not about the game. It’s all about the sneakers (just ask Mars Blackmon). Why do you think the pros always have such nice shoes? That’s why they’re so good. Marqueesole recently got the first look at these awesome Knicks Jordans, and sneaker freaks, well, freaked out. What better way to show your support for Jeremy Lin’s team. They’re coming soon — how soon? Not soon enough $??? [imgclear]

ATI Jump Training Shoes

Speaking of sneakers, the great thing about becoming the fan of a young, underdog athlete is fantasizing about being one yourself. But like every athlete, you’re going to have to build your skills from the ground up, or in this case, from the floor. These jump-training shoes will help you maximise your vertical leap so that, who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to dunk. $US125. [imgclear]

Spalding Neverflat Basketball

You’re going to be training so hard, and when you’re not training you’re going to be devoting your undivided attention to studying every facet of Jeremy Lin’s game to improve your own. You’ll be so busy, you won’t even have time to inflate a ball. When you’re famous, someone will do that for you, but until then, you need a ball that never goes flat. $US40. [imgclear]

SKLZ Shoot-Around

This chute turns your basketball hoop into one of those basketball arcade games that just keeps returning the ball to you — that is if you’re good enough to make baskets. If not, you’ll be shagging balls as if it wasn’t there. That’s a good thing because if you aren’t going make shots, you better get your boards. $US30. [imgclear]

Hoop Shooter Pro

This is not weird basketball bondage year. Well, actually, it sort of is. These cuffs force you to focus on your form when you practice by keeping your hands close together in proper shooting position. Think that sucks? Not as much as getting dominated at game time. $US35. [imgclear]


Remember that awesome book The Moves Make the Man? Yeah, well you have no moves, and you’re going to need some. I know what you’re thinking: I can just practice with my friends. Why do I need a fake defender who can’t even move. I’ll just practise with my old b-ball buddies on the block. First of all, do you really want your friends to see your terrible skills? Secondly, you have no friends. $US50. [imgclear]