Everything That's Wrong With Patent And Copyright Laws In One Brilliant Video

Patent trolls are the worst. Oh wait, no, out-of-control copyright crusaders, they're the worst. In fact, the whole intellectual property system needs a total overhaul. But why? How did it come to this? Kirby Ferguson's sublime Everything Is a Remix series comes to a conclusion with this really smart explanation of how the spirit of IP laws have been totally perverted by modern corporate culture.

It's excellent as always, and you can lend a hand to Ferguson's next project, This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory, over on Kickstarter. [Kirby Ferguson]


    That is an amazing bit or work!

      I was about to write that! But how do I prove it?

    Very thought provoking. A good watch.

    The system exists. It took 200 years to get to this point. Its supported by all western governments. Big corporations use it to defend their profits. Smaller companies/trolls use it to generate profits. No one wants their stuff stolen. What way out could there possibly be?

    I hope he patented his film.

      It's already protected by COPYRIGHT. Copyright law automatically protects the expression of a work or an idea. Go have a look.

        Apparently they copyrighted sarcasm before you got an understanding of it...

    I hope everyone kindly asks a copy of his film, and let them translate it to different languages.

    Oh, bugger, I watched the whole thing understood it perfectly and now that it finished, I want to be able to fall back on it, but alas, I can't remember enough of it to be of any use in later discourse. Kinda reminds me of how they get away trolling in the first place!!

      " I can’t remember enough of it to be of any use in later discourse "
      Sorry buddy, but if you understand a thing, you don't need to rely on memory.
      Learning by rote will never beat learning and understanding.
      So, not being able to recalll the details, means you don't understand it properly in the first place. If you understand it, you can fill in the missing info for yourself every time.

        That may be the most arrogant comment I've read on Giz or any other forum. Seriously!!

        Wow... superiority complex much?

    This is amazing, but it sadly changes nothing.

    Will you sue me if I share this? :-P Great video!

    I have really enjoyed this series.

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