Everyone Wants A Dumb TV After All

Everyone Wants A Dumb TV After All

Over a year ago we argued that the “smart” part of Smart TVs — the apps, the connectivity, the widgets — is useless. Unwanted. Turns out we weren’t alone. Everyone really does just want a dumb TV.

A new NPD survey shows that 53 per cent of Smart TVs had never been connected to the internet at all. More than half never even coming close to their intended purpose, to say nothing of the people who’ve tried to tweet from a Samsung and immediately thought better of it. You mean people aren’t checking weather and Facebook? Shocking.

Combine that with a recent survey on 3DTV which continues to show an overwhelming disinterest in the technology that was supposed to revolutionise the industry. Of the 33 per cent of people polled who were interested in buying a new television, 55 per cent said they did not want a 3DTV, and another 22 per cent weren’t willing to spend much more on one than a normal TV. And again, there are plenty of people who have bought 3D sets for the 2D picture quality, but never bothered so much as trying on the goofy glasses. Ah, and the picture comes into focus.

Nobody wants a do-it-all TV. Not yet, at least. And honestly, why would they?

Streaming video technologies are not ubiquitous. They’re still foreign to grandparents and great-aunts. The first thought of most people isn’t to search and stream something on demand. They still want to see what’s on cable.

And it doesn’t help that the vast majority of embedded smart UIs have been utter shit. Like we said last year, the lifespan of a TV is much greater than the technologies and components used to power Smart TV software. Vizio’s embracing Google TV, which is fine, but what about those of you who have Vizio bigscreens with Yahoo! widgets inside?

Obviously, streaming videos have a place in your living room. But it makes way more sense to pay less for your television and buy a Roku with the difference.

As for 3D, we’ve beaten that dead horse plenty in the last few years. But to reiterate: it’s just not an effortless technology in its current state. Who wants to wear glasses? Where’s the content? That’s one more thing standing between you and that immersive mindset that a good movie or TV show can create. I have no doubt that we will all have 3D displays someday. But it won’t be with glasses, and you’ll be able to watch more than ESPN and Disney Blu-rays on it.

So, TV makers, keep it simple. We can all survive with a little black puck sitting next to our TV. And as long as you keep making Super OLEDs and Crystal LED displays, I think we can all survive with a flat picture until you all figure out that glasses-less 3D thing once and for all. We just want something we can turn on and forget about. A TV that’s dumb, sure. But one that makes sense. [TechNewsDaily via Dvice]

Image: Shutterstock/Nomad Soul