How Can You Resist A Pair Of Adorable, Egg-Shaped Speakers?

Computer speakers are maybe the least inspiring pieces of audio equipment in the world. They always look and sound like some designer's boring afterthought, especially compared to the great bookshelf speakers I've got stacked around my house.

So if I've got better gear why do I want a tiny set of computer speakers? I don't always need a booming pair of speakers, and I don't always want some convoluted arrangement of components just to play some crappy MP3. I just wish that cheap computer speakers didn't suck so much.

That's why I'm excited about these meticulously designed 10W Olasonic TW-S7 USB speakers. They're tiny and adorable, inexpensive and easy. But what makes me want them more than anything else is the unbelievably detailed technical description Olasonic provides on its website. There are diagrams galore, which explain everything ranging from how the speaker's elliptical shape optimises performance to how the included silicon stands should be used. It seems a little overkill for $US130 speakers, but why the hell not? It shows the designers took care to attend to every detail, and that means that I might actually love them. [Olasonic via Selectism]

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