Desired: Fad-Inspired Watch To Entertain Me

Slap bracelets went out of style 20 years ago, because, while they were freaking cool, they were also useless. If you saw someone wearing one today, you'd think they were wasting their time. Unless the slap bracelet also tells time.

Thank you Simpel Switch for making it OK for me to wear a slap bracelet again. All of these years I've been walking past Hot Topic yearning for a piece of jewellery to fidget with all day. I've held back because it's shameful — I'm too old for toys.

Luckily, the Simpel Switch isn't useless, so I'm free to play all I want. The watch band is made of manganese steel cloaked in silicone so it slaps onto your wrist just like the bracelet I rocked in 1989. And like a good toy, the watch is colourful and encourages creativity. The band and case come in six colours so you can change up the combinations as you see fit. (Tangelo Orange band with Laguna Blue case anyone?) A complete Simpel Switch costs $US30. Extra bands and cases are available for $US13 and $US20 respectively. [Simpel]

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