Cupple For iPhone: A Social Network For Lovey-Dovey Couples

Cupple is a social network for couples. Wait, let me specify. It's not like a social network made up with just couples, but rather an app that allows couples to privately share pictures, messages and locations with each other. Like a digital file of your relationship's communication.

What does it do?

Cupple connects two people, presumably in a relationship, and lets them share stuff with each other. Cupple bills itself as a "private sharing app" which isn't untrue, you can share pictures with each other, tag your locations and send messages back and forth. It's like an app for just you two. Like if you two were the only person on this network. Like you're the only two people in this world. OH ISN'T THAT JUST SPECIAL. It sorta feels like it actually, see a new lamp you want for the home? Send a message. Want to show your wife you're at work late and not partying? Send your location. See, you care about your relationship because you're connected.

Why do we like it?

Wait a minute... isn't Cupple just like text messaging your girlfriend or boyfriend? Hm. Good point. It kind of is! But the good thing about Cupple is that it elegantly culls all those messages together into one long chain of picture sharing and location sharing and message sharing. It's nice to have everything in one place you know? And also, it's a little bit more convenient to like, sext and stuff. So there's that. It's like sharing stuff without the voyeurs lurking around.


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