Conman Forced Gang Members To Have Sex To Weed Out Undercover Feds

The mastermind of a carding gang in the US state of Georgia devised a novel way for weeding out undercover Feds from his operation — he forced members to have group sex, according to a local police detective who helped bust the ring.

Vikas Yadav, an Indian national who was deported in 2010, recruited other carders and mules through sado-masochism websites, forcing would-be accomplices to have group sex with other men and women while Yadav videotaped them, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

"Anyone who wanted in with [Yadav] would have to have three-way sex, either with other men or women, but Vikas had to be involved and he would record it all and save the recordings so he could watch it on his big flatscreen TV," Athens-Clarke police Detective Beverly Russell recently revealed to the paper.

Authorities say a TV in his upscale bedroom in Georgia was rigged to a pair of hard drives capable of holding 12 trillion bytes of memory.

Three of his main conspirators — Dashun McQuiller, Shaun Grittner and Dwight Riddick, a former New York City police officer — were sentenced in federal court this month.

Yadav's descent into crime had a steep fall. He initially came to the US to earn a master's degree at the University of Georgia's College of Pharmacy, which he did in 2004, but he was expelled from a doctoral program in 2005 after he was caught plagiarising.

He subsequently went to work at a liquor store, where his crime spree began. Authorities say he installed a recording device on the store's card reader to capture account numbers and PINs, and would then encode the information onto blank cards to withdraw cash from accounts or purchase flat-screen TVs and other big ticket items that were then re-sold for cash.

"He had dealers lined up who placed orders for specific items, like 50 to 60 flatscreen TVs of a certain size and brand," Russell told the paper. "It's not like he sent people randomly to go to the store. He had shopping lists with items already lined up to buy."

Yadav was arrested in August 2008 outside a Walmart in Mississippi, according to a court document, after the store manager called police about a suspicious transaction and provided the licence number of an Enterprise rental van. When police pulled the van over, they found a stack of credit and gift cards on the car's dashboard with Vadak's name on them and a duffel bag containing a laptop and accessories for encoding data onto blank cards. The van was filled with multiple televisions, Wii game consoles and other electronics.

Back in Georgia, authorities were aided in their investigation when a rental truck arrived at Yadav's home at the same time police were searching for the his address. The truck, driven by accomplice Riddick, was crammed with newly purchased TVs.

The Athens paper describes Yadav's crime ring as a multi-million-dollar operation, but it appears he was never charged with most of his crimes. Court records show proceedings for him only on a limited number of charges in Mississippi, with losses amounting to only about $US30,000. The documents don't mention Yadav's bizarre work requirement for accomplices, but according to the Athens paper, Detective Russell learned about it from Yadav's accomplices.

Threat Level could not reach Detective Russell for comment.

Riddick pleaded guilty to interstate transportation of stolen property and was sentenced two years of probation. McQuiller and Grittner pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud, and were sentenced to 30 months and 10 months in prison, respectively.

Yadav pleaded guilty in Mississippi to access device fraud and was sentenced to one year in prison. According to the Athens paper, he was deported.

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    Thats 12TB if anyone isn't sure.

    "rigged to a pair of hard drives capable of holding 12 trillion bytes of memory."

    Also known as 12 Terabytes. But wait, a pair of hard drives? Pretty sure 6TB hard drives don't exist.

    For a tech site, surely they'd know 6TB hard drives to do not exist?

    most likely on 2x NAS with multiple hard drives within the enclosures.

    12 trillion bytes of memory.

      on another note, i think everyone stopped reading when they saw that.


        I know I certainly did. Sensationalist drivel.

    the funniest thing about the story is the '12 trillion bytes' bit.
    why didnt they go into more details, must have been multiple drives, were they NAS? SAN? What raid config? too many unanswered questions!
    Rigged up? in what way DLNA?

    in the end WGAF!
    group sex for admission... i normally pay extra for that, not get paid for it

      Because it was irrelevant to the story.

        Im pretty sure the drives he stored his porn on is what the article is about.
        Just look at the title.

    There's an element of Chinese whispers in all reporting, and it would only get worse the further you go from original source material.

    We've all known people who refer to the PC box as the "hard drive" portion of the computer. The same term might be used for an external RAID device for instance.

    In any case, the article doesn't suggest the "hard drives" can hold 12 TB of *data*, rather they can hold *up to* 12 TB of *memory*. This could be interpreted as "two PCs, each with 6 SATA sockets".

    Most likely there were two portable HDDs connected to the TV. This was reported somewhere, then someone interpreted this to mean "two PCs", which they call "hard drives". Then some weary nerd chose not to clarify the difference between "hard drive" and HDD, when asked their opinion as to the maximum capacity of your average "hard drive" (i.e. PC box).

      Can't say I've ever had anyone call a PC a hard drive personally. Even if they did, that doesn't excuse the author of the article.

    this story is about a conman, who really cares how much memory was on his hard drives??

    Who is Vadak? I read the name Yadav in one line and then they referred to Vadak...

    Let's face it the best part of the "story" is that the dude had 12 trillion bytes.. wow!! oh and the group sex might inspire some others.

    12 trillion bytes makes him sound so much more menacing and evil than any of the other suggestions, though.

      Because, you know, being a sadistic sexual predator, voyeur and conman wasn't enough on its own.

    WD's My Book Studio Edition II (WDH2Q60000) that's 6tb

      Technically thats two hard drives.

      I think it's fair enough to call two such units a pair however, what gets me is the wording of it clearly being a way to make it sound like more data than it is.

    I wonder if he had those 12 trillion bytes connected up to a 1524000 micrometer screen?

    but guys, 96 trillion bits of memory! 192 trillion nibbles, of memory!

    Article itself plagiarized from "Threat Level" obviously.

    There's no prison that'll hold Riddick anyway. Just wait till his army of Necromongers come to his rescue.

    12 trillion bytes? Why not convert it into bits instead just to make it seem even bigger? Lol.

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