Corning And Samsung Team Up For Gorilla Glass-Tough OLED

Corning And Samsung Team Up For Gorilla Glass-Tough OLED

Gorilla Glass, especially version 2.0, has earned its reputation for durability and strength. But reputation only goes so far and Samsung wants something more. That’s why Corning and Samsung are joining forces to develop a newer, better, more scratch-resistant AMOLED screens.

The new substrate has been dubbed Lotus Glass and, in addition to being as resilient as Gorilla while granting enhanced picture quality, better response time, better resolution, and reducing the screen’s power requirements. According to a release by Corning,

The intrinsic thermal consistency of Corning Lotus Glass allows it to retain its shape and quality during high-temperature processing. Decreased compaction and variation during the crystallization and activation step further reduces stress and distortions to the substrate. This enables tighter design rules in advanced backplanes for higher resolution and faster response time.

Lotus Glass is expected to debut later this summer on the next iteration of the Galaxy Nexus line. [Corning via Mobile Mag]

Image: asharkyu / Shutterstock