Can A 3D Sensor Improve Your Golf Game?

Golf used to be about hitting a ball with a stick, but no longer. We've highlighted some of the best (and most unusual) golf gadgets in the past. The iPad-ready Golfsense 3D might just outdo them all — but don't expect to see it in PGA play any time soon. The Golfsense 3D is a $199.95 17g sensor that fits onto a golf glove, taking measurements as you swing and then uploading them to an iOS app — included in the purchase price — so you can then review your swing characteristics at your leisure.

Theoretically you could eschew the golf course altogether and just play virtual golf with this thing, I suppose. I've got to admit I'm not a golfer; does this kind of gadget make enough sense versus actually getting out on the course?

[iWorld Australia]

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