BTJunkie Closes: Fifth Largest BitTorrent Search Engine Gone

Things are changing since the Megaupload shutdown: QuickSilverScreen is no more, Filesonic and Fileserve users can only download files they've uploaded, and now, BTJunkie has voluntarily closed.

Started in 2005 after Suprnova was killed, BTJunkie was indexing around 4 million active torrents. And unlike the big four remaining sites — Pirate Bay, Torrentz, KickassTorrents and IsoHunt — the site was never involved in any legal action says TorrentFreak.

Gizmodo even named BTJunkie one of the Top 5 Pirate Bay alternatives. All good things must come to an end it seems. -Thanks for the tip Adam

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    RIP btjunkie, you will be missed

    Oh BTJunkie how i will miss thee, ahem... i mean what is BTJunkie?

      If you cant figure that out, maybe the internet is not for you.

        If you don't understand sarcasm, maybe wit isn't for you.

          If you can recognize written sarcasm on the Internet, maybe the Matrix is for you.

            I totally got the sarcasm, if you did not you are daft.

    I say good riddance. Finally the internet is ridding itself of you nasty pirate thieves. Now if we can get rid of that anonymous piece of crap the world will be a better place.

      @therat: its ok that you don't understand how to use uTorrent, we won't hold it against you.

      Don't feed the Trolls. lol

        Haha, this made me laugh. Too true.

    Then you can go to church

    we can now start buying movies and music to help support those artists and directors

      not sure if sarcasm or or plain stupid

        Most probably stupid. @anth Most Artists & "directors" receive exceptionally low portions of your money that you think helps them.

        Example = Album sells $2,000,000 worth in a year (say it was a shit album)

        The artist receives 0.01 to $0.02 for every $1.

        The Artist get in return $20,000 to $40,000.

        The Label takes the rest of the $1,980,000.

        This is just an example but the ratio that they get paid is much like that in return for the album doing well. The artist is also paid upfront like an actor. They can also be paid for other sellout BS...

          I'm sure the artists don't care how much they get, as long as they get to do what they have a passion to do. Have you ever wondered where all the really good low budget films have gone? The ones directors like John Sayles, Peter Greenaway and Hal Hartley used to make on a yearly basis. Go to IMDB and see how much their output has been curtailed since the rise of torrents and other on-line piracy. Even David Lynch doesn't get to make as many films as he used to these days. These film makers are creative geniuses who never made lots of money but used to make lots of incredible, wonderful films. I'm sure it never worried them that their films struggled to break even and that they barely scraped a living from it and those are the people you guys are forcing out of the industry. Just like the music industry, the big studios and their massive blockbusters will always get made. It is the small, independent and arguably more important films that won't. YouTube is hardly a substitute for The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

            That argument just doesn't hold water motormouth. It's never been easier for a musician to make and distribute music, to get noticed, record at a reasonable or high quality at home or to build a fan base.
            Movie directors can do the same if they choose.

    Well I can only say that this is a good thing.
    Yes - add your "your a troll" comment, but I have reasons behind this.
    File "sharing" has always been a misnomer. It has always been file "stealing". Justifications aside, people are taking songs/movies/etc without permission or paying (Prometheus, the method in-which the money is divided among all members of the distribution pipeline, including the artists, is up for negotiations by the artists, not the consumer. yeah, it sucks, but if the product isn't bought, they don't even get their 2c).
    The internet is changing - it has to. In order for people to be able to cut out the middle man (distributors) there needs to be security of providing quality online digital media.
    For those who are used to not paying, this change sucks. But, it's time to grow up.
    The rest of us want media easily available for reasonable prices, so this first step in closing down torrents is hopefully the first step to being able to provide this.

      Its been proven service is the key. Look at Steam or iTunes or Louis C.K's live show. Most people dont pirate because they want stuff free. Most people pirate because its easier, faster and DRM free. Shutting down file serving sites is not the solution. Providing better service is the solution.

        I agree in part - but DRM is a reaction to torrenting/pirating. If people were perturbed (or even read) the licencing agreement that came with their purchases, DRM would serve no purpose.
        By making it more difficult to torrent, the paying alternatives can start to compete. With the same product, no-one can compete with free.
        I would argue the point about people torrenting for other reasons to cost though. The setup of a torrent client represents the same (if not greater) inconvenience to the user as a legit client (steam/itunes/etc), the only missing part is the CC number.
        Again, it's a matter of people's perceptions of what their rights are, versus the rights they are actually granted. Education is key.
        As the internet changes to remove these portals, so will media providers need to change to broaden their offerings and right access.

      What a load of rubbish!

    I torrent everything. The only way to stop me is to shut down these sites.

    That is the truth of it, with no bullshit.

      I have not watched commercial television, bought a game, hired a movie, bought a music CD since ADSL.

      High five.

        +1 :D

        Congratulations for doing something that anyone with an internet connection can do. There's nothing quite like screwing over the honest people who actually pay for these things to support the industry. Those same people also love paying that little bit more just to cover your portion of the bill.

        Well done, your a f*cking genius.

          BaB! I always thought it worked like this, pay for something only when you can't find it for free!


    Hi , m from India ,,,, I want to Share dis Msg to BTjunkie ---

    It was the best trrent site in the whole world ,,,, I thank all the people who Started Btjunkie ,,,thnx fr evrthng ,,,,,,,,,,,, Btjnkie will alwyzz be in our memories ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    i dont really think most people understand the way things really work in the usa. most ppl think what they say matters in the world the bottom line is no it does not. i agree with most here about how they havnt watched reg tv or bought a movie or music cd hell i havnt paid to go to the movies in ike 3 years since the release of the 28.8k dial up modem i have pirated everything you can think of every tv show every movie everything. my country is nothing but a capitalist republic anyone in this country who thinks its a democracy is foolish the corporations run it all everything nothing in this country is done or decided without express consideration for them. its the only reason sopa and pipa made it to the table in the first place. to protest in the way my own country has been run in the last ten years i have done my best to eliminate my spending i wont even shop at walmart. if you dont believe me look up the tax breaks and the deals and incentives our government gives them, then read the text book definitions of capitalism and republic than realize you've been lied to all your life this country is trying to kill the middle class !!! we need to become socialist democracy or our country is fucked..............

    R.I.P Bt.Junkie, you will be missed. They think because i,m not getting it for free I will then go and start purchasing again. They are dead WRONG! I will not consume their garbage to pad the pockets of corporate scum! As for the artist, go on tour, earn your money. Stop making videos to "move refrigerators" and brainwash our youth. If it means that I'll never watch a movie or listen to music again without having to pay for it, then so be it! I've watched enough and heard enough to last me a life time. Hell I can always make my own! It still be better than the sh*t they green light nowadays anyway! Just my 2 cents. Peace.

    Some say.... WOULD YOU STEAL A CAR?

    What's the difference between a second hand dealer selling a CD for $5 or uploading a torrent for free? The artist gets no money either way. I have downloaded 1000's of torrents.... if torrents were not available I would not buy 1000's of songs and movies anyway

    please help me find a new site now that the best thing is gone btjunkie any help would b great i have never had to go any were else so i just dont no were to find a good one all i find SUCK!!!

    Why Worry ? just post and download to YouTube - it seems to have every music video and recording I need. and it is located in the USA -See America is the land of free competition - no I mean download ! (caution - sarcasm has been included i this post).

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