Boston Police Response To Anonymous Is Hilarious

Earlier this month, Anonymous smashed the Boston Police Department's website. It's hard to retaliate against an organisation of hackers, so the police department has done the next best thing: it's made an ironic video and posted it on YouTube.

The original hack replaced the front page of the site with a message and, most entertainingly, a video of KRS-One performing "Sound of Da Police".

For the video, the BPD managed to round up enough officers capable of keeping a straight face while they spoke about their memories of learning about the hack while sat in Dunkin' doughnuts and how they've missed browsing the site in 35 different languages. One officer explains, "My reaction was, 'Why would anybody want to destroy a perfectly good KRS-One song?'" Turns out even the police have a sense of humour. [BPD]

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