Biolite Stove Charges Gadgets, Incinerates Forests

Giz covered the Biolite stove a couple of years back, noting that it was a cool idea that was destined for developing countries only. A few years down the track and it's on sale for everyone. The biolite's big hook is that apart from providing light and heat and a cooking arrangement, it also provides power, which is dispersed from a USB port to keep your gadgets running.

I've got to say that when I go camping (which, admittedly isn't terribly often) I'm not much in the mood for gadgets, as the idea of getting away from it all is, as far as I'm concerned, to get away from it all. Within an Australian context, you'd also have to be careful not to run foul of fire bans and make sure the wood you're gathering is actually properly combustible, but if all that doesn't put you off, it'll set you back $US129. [BioLite via EFTM]

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