BBC Puts A Face To Internet Trolls

Trolls are something we all have to put up with online. But a new BBC documentary tried to track them down, and this video shows just how horrible they can be in real life, too.

As part of the BBC documentary Panorama, a reporter tracked down a troll in Cardiff, Wales, who goes by the handle Nimrod Severn. His real names is Darren Burton, and he has a taste for commenting on memorial pages set up on Facebook to honour those who have died. In particular, he's fond of posting that he hopes the deceased "rot in piss". Charming.

When the BBC reporter caught up with him, he was keen to ask about his take on things. "Do you think about the effect it has on [people]?" asked the BBC's Declan Lawn. Burton's response: "Yeah." Well, that's something I guess. But what does he think, when he thinks about them? His response, a pithy: "Fuck 'em."

He goes on to say that "Facebook is an open forum" which means he can say whatever he wants. Unsurprisingly, he's at the receiving end of quite a lot of hate on Facebook. [BBC via The Next Web]

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