At Last The Bacon Milkshake Is A Reality

It's that moment we've all been waiting for; bacon milkshakes from a fast food joint. Good news for your arteries is that it's so far limited to the US only. After all, while I think we can agree that milkshakes are good, and bacon is great, the combination of the two probably isn't that grand. Sadly for those who love their shakes warm and fatty, the shake is in fact bacon-flavoured rather than bacon-infused in the way that you can make Bacon vodka . That means it's technically vegetarian if you wanted to stretch the point. It comes out of the Jack In The Box chain in the US, and is flavoured with Torani bacon-flavored syrup, rather than thick, chunky strips of pure hog fat.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and throw up. Hey, maybe this is a diet item!

No, OK, it isn't. According to Jack in the Box a regular bacon shake has 773 calories and 40 grams of fat. That's no diet drink. But this YouTube video shows that it is, indeed, all too real.

If you do happen to be travelling to the States soon, the bacon milkshake is supposedly a secret menu item, part of Jack In The Box's "You Love Bacon? Marry It!" campaign. [Jack in the Box via Gizmodo US via Huffington Post]


    I am a bacon lover like anyone else here but i cant think of something more disgusting then a bacon flavored milkshake.

    I agree with orthodox Jews and Muslims on this one; no to bacon. Eww.
    Not for religious reasons though, I just don't like it.

    A bacon flavoured milkshake is right up there with stuffed crust pizza: for people who prefer their food molested.

    Finally, I can now die and rest in peace knowing that my dreams are a reality

    i finally have a reason to visit the US now

    I think the bigger story here is that there is such a thing as Bacon Syrup!

      and let us not forget this....

        Check. Mate.


          oh man, I am laughing so hard right now =D

    ewww, thats disgusting, shut up, deep down you know you would like it if you had the balls to try it

    I realise why the Yanks Bacon everything. It's because they do't actually eat real bacon. it's all fat rind, no eye what so ever, it that goes too crunchy (as opposed to crispy). Therefore when they eat crappy bacon flavouring they are OK with it. If you are brought up on Aussie and UK bacon you wouldn't even recognise the taste of American "Bacon".

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