Are Aussies Losing Interest In Facebook?

If you were one of the three million users Hitwise has been tracking over the past 12 months, congratulations — you could be getting bored of Facebook!

At least, that's what The Australian makes of a 21 per cent drop in the time you spent perusing questionable party photos of friends, or spamming Farmville cows, onions and whatever other virtual farming goods you can send people these days. The comparison was made between two six-month periods over the course of last year.

The drop in real numbers is six minutes — 22 from 28 — per visit. Hitwise's Matt Glasner told The Australian it wasn't "a surprise"; he feels we're just getting used to the social networking site being a part of our everyday lives. Once you've done your initial spam of photos and explored what the site has to offer, there's not much else to do but share the occasional lolcat.

Interestingly, the statistics do not include 3G connections, which could account for those lost six minutes. And then there's Google+, though personally I only use it for Hangouts.

When it's all said and done, Facebook doesn't really have much to worry about — in January alone, we visited the site 514 million times, according to Hitwise. For the curious, YouTube clocked 239 million during the same time frame.

[The Australian]

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