Apple's New Cursors May Signal Retina Display Macs

Cheerful Apple spokesman aficionado John Gruber talks about four tweets that, according to him, "may" indicate an incoming Apple hardware upgrade, perhaps the introduction of new Retina Display-level Macs or displays. Given his intimately wet relationship with Apple, you better listen up to his "wishful thinking".

The latest update — which was pulled by Cupertino after dreadful stability reports — includes some high definition cursors. Here you can see the new Mickey Mouse pointing finger icon, redrawn for high-density displays in Mac OS X 10.7.3, compared to the current one. Other new cursors include the Mickey Mouse grabbing hand icon and the old Nextstep camera, all of them re-rendered at super-high resolution.

Fanboy Número Uno thinks that these icons, coupled by reports of some Mac Minis booting into HiDPI mode after the 10.7.3 update, may indicate that "we may be on the cusp of Apple releasing HiDPI Mac displays and/or HiDPI MacBooks. I.e.: retina display Macs."

For those new to this party, HiDPI is a new resolution independent mode designed to offer ultra-sharp graphic elements without making them tiny on the screen. As a screen's pixel density increases, the elements on the screen become smaller and smaller using traditional a display mode. You can observe this effect if you have a very high resolution monitor.

With HiDPI things change: the absolute size of a screen object is kept the same no matter how many pixels per inch you have on the screen. If you keep the size and increase the number of pixels that define the object, then you make it a lot sharper but never physically smaller.

McGruber gives a warning: this may be all his wishful thinking, so be sceptical. A little bit. On the inside. [Matt Gemmell, Cabel Sasser, Cabel Sasser, Dan Wineman, via Daring Fireball]



    Wow a new cursor! It's so magical! Definitely worth the $37 upgrade lol

      Wow a new comment! It's so original! Definitely worth the reply lol

      But seriously, what are you on about?

    My new(ish) macbook with the high res screen option is annoyingly small for fonts, cursors etc.

    An update that allows me to see things again - just a lot smoother? Oh yeah, baby... BRING IT ON!

      So your high res screen has made things smaller, and therefore you wish for a higher res screen?


      umm... try increasing the font size in settings? pretty simple

    Higher res screens are inevitable. Not that they'll make too much difference on small display sizes, but higher stats are always a selling point.

    Lion already has scalable cursors that don't have sharp edges when you make them bigger... They don't look like the one in the picture though

      Yeah they do look the same when you make them bigger

      Yeah they do look the same when scaled up in lion.

    Bullshit, I'll believe it when I see it. Before the iPad 2 launch, people believed a quadruple res image of the iBooks background popping up on the internet meant a Retina display for that device. Turned out to be complete hogwash.

    There will be higher-res displays at some point, but it won't be the next iteration of the Mac.

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