Apple Will Announce The Next iPad On March 7

Apple has just sent out invitations for an Apple event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10am PST (5am AEDT) on Wednesday, March 7. On the invitation, you can clearly see its new Retina display in all its glory.

Compare the top (invitation) to the bottom (a photo of iPad 2). The top has a lot more definition. It's clear on the typography in the Wednesday and the edges of the icon.

Not only that, but there seems to be NO home button, which explains the mention of the "And touch". in their invitation. How do we know. First, the photo they are showing is on portrait mode. You can't achieve that icon spacing in the landscape mode. Moreover, the icon falls right onto the same water drop that the current iPad 2 falls while in portrait mode. It's a photo in portrait mode. And there's no button to be seen.



    " It’s a photo in portrait mode. And there’s no button to be seen."

    Do you think that they might have Photoshopped it out???

      we all know that u can hold a ipad sideways and the whole screen adjusts that way right?

        " First, the photo they are showing is on portrait mode. You can’t achieve that icon spacing in the landscape mode."

        We also know that sometimes it pays to read the article in full before commenting! ;-)

          Last time I checked my iPad works in portrait mode upside down ...

            Obviously you own an Ipad 1 since the Ipad 2 has a camera at that point.

            Time to upgrade buddy! ;-)

      Could it be in portrait mode upside down?

        If that was the case you would see the front facing camera

          His/her thumb is over where the front facing camera would be.

    What these photos show is what a waste of time a Retina Display is. If you compare the two left-hand side images, you can see that, at normal viewing distances, things look pretty much the same. The right-hand images show that in order to see the difference, you need to be so close to the screen that your camera can't focus properly.

      wow, u must totally own an iphone 4 / 4s then

      Hey, I've got an old dot matrix printer I can sell you. At normal viewing distances, things look pretty much the same. In order to see the dots your eyes have to be so close to the paper that you can't focus properly. You'll love it.

    Aw, man. This is going to make my shiny iPad 2 feel obsolete for no apparent reason. Until I relent and buy an iPad 3... then they'll announce the fourth incarnation. *sobs* :P

    Looks fantastic. Suffer for those people who bought non-apple tablets (besides the $99 touchpad - offer too good to refuse) This tablet will be game, set and match for Apple. And i'm not even an apple fan.

      They have literally announced nothing. Sure, iPad 3 looks as though it'll have a retina display and probably no home button, but you can't say that it'll destroy every other tablet because of those two features.

      On a side note, the iPad is a fantastic piece of kit, easily the best tablet on the market. My Touchpad is now running ICS though, and that sandwich is pretty darn tasty.

        I couldnt justify a tablet but the cheap touchpad offer was too good to pass up. I'm still on Gingerbread on mine, is the ICS rom stable yet?

          It's mostly stable. Haven't had any crashes yet, but the camera still doesn't work and all too often taps are registered a swipes... But I'm loving it. :D

      You forget the two big handicaps that the iPad has. iOS and the screen size.

      iOS is behind the times and ugly in the way it lays out apps etc.

      After Samsungs non event releases and the issues with Transformer I chose to buy no tablets at this time as they really are just a gadget sucking up money needed elsewhere.

        What issues with the transformer? I have one and it passed every test with flying colours (wifi and gps work perfectly in tests and use)... I know some people have had issues but so do people with other devices...

    you people look way to further into the most little of things jeez can everyoone just stop throwing their ideas and speculations around until apple actually tells us wtf is coming in it

      But that would be boring. Speculation talk is fun. This time around I think it's clear what we will be getting.

    Hmmm where's James with his usual 'Apple devices are made in heaven by beautiful blonde angels' rant

      I'm here and yes, the ipad 3 will be great but like all apple devices, only a small step up. Yes a new retina display and faster processor is great but my iPad 1 is still kickass and I don't know if I even need to upgrade yet. Might have to wait for 4 (They're coming out a little too fast, even for apple's standards)

      I really wish they would come out with some kind of Transformer style keyboard dock to turn it into a netbookish thing and give it a bit extra battery life. That shit is the bomb man. I love the TF2 but the lack of apps that the iPad has stops me from wandering too far

    No home button? I am SICK and TIRED of Apple ripping off Google. Trollolololol.

    Just another big phone

      and larger is clearly inferior. Why have a 55" LED when you can watch your 22" right?

      Can't wait.

        Why have a wristwatch when you can carry around a grandfather clock.

    I hope they do something new and "magical" with it, for those who like and use an iPad they deserve something good to upgrade as the previous ones were piss poor. I give it to Apple though, Samsung just killed their tablet line with the joke of a product release with tab 2.

    I predicted no home button as soon as ios5 came out.

    The home button on the ipad is so annoying, it is a great place to hold the ipad and I am forever accidentally closing apps.

    Now that you can bring up running apps with a four finger swipe and go back to the home screen with a five finger pinch, there is absolutely no need for it.

    You're reading WAY too much into this...

    is this even going to be an iPad 3? I'm thinking iPad 2S.
    That way they can sell new hardware to the fanboys with minimal changes.

    Prediction: iPad 3 will include retina display and a bunch of other small incremental updates. They will then be congratulated for revolutionising the industry…again.

    Maybe they will finally start selling the iPad 2 for a reasonable price when the 3 is released...

    ...I can dream can't I?

    Having read this article about 40 minutes ago while at the uni library (on my iPad 2)... I realized just now that I haven't used the home button once in 40 minutes of intensive iPad use. It's just more convenient to touch the screen, especially when all the other navigation is by touch.

    Using gestures instead of the home button feels natural. won't mind either way. Give me retina display and 4G tho :D and a massive pay cheque :(

    Windows 8. I'm just saying...

    Windows/Android tablets are much cheaper and similar spec why would anyone pay minimum $450 for an Ipad when you get others much cheaper.

      Because price isn't the only reason people buy things

    Can someone please correct me, because I suspect I'm wrong! My (terrible) maths tells me that the iPhone 4 retina display holds roughly 614,400 pixels at 326 pixels per inch. If Apple claim (and they have) that a "retina worthy" display needs to be approx. 300ppi then the total number of pixels on an iPad sized screen need to be well over 4 million to be classified as "retina". Is that even possible? Wouldn't the graphics power to display sharp moving pictures at that kind of resolution be way to much to fit into something as thin as an iPad?

    Again, my maths is shocking and my notepad now looks like something stuck to a fridge in crayon but to call it retina if it's less than 300ppi would by wrong. Unless they are going to claim that it needs to be held over 12 inches from the eyes, therefore needing less than 300ppi.

    I'm rambling, someone enlighten me please!

      I think I remember reading that it was gonna be 280 ppi? Less than the iphone though

      I believe retina is more a term to describe a screen whose pixels can't be differentiated from the one next to it when operated at a reasonable distance. For the iPhone, they had that at about 300ppi. If you use that definition, and assume that the iPad is larger and thus will be held further away, then the pixel density probably can be lower to achieve the same effect.

    For the top image the zoomed in view is just zoomed in on Photoshop.
    The bottom image is zoomed in with a camera, then the photo taken.

    iPad released april 2010
    iPad 2 released 2nd March 2011
    All signs point towards iPad 3

    im waiting for a windows 8 tablet...

    ipads are still just as stupid as they were when they were first released.

    iPhones are great, ipads are shit.
    what decent, non-gimicky feature can your ipad do that my iphone cant, besides burn a bigger hole in your wallet?

    Why do roid ragers always have to shit on every apple related article?

    The one thing that stands out to me in that photo is the light on the finger/thumb. Seems like more lights than would come from the display itslef, but why add highlight lighting to the fingers?

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