Apple Pulls Crashtacular 10.7.3 Delta Update

We noted on Friday that the Software Update version of OS X 10.7.3 had a slight tendency towards crashing, to put it kindly. Seems like Apple agrees; they've pulled the software update version of the patch, although it's still available as a full combo update. Macrumors reports on the Delta update being pulled, noting that the full update — from which there haven't been reports of the CUI graphics bug error — is still available, but at the cost of quite a bit more data download to deal with; it weighs in at a crunchy 1.3GB. Also, for those who like a little early hilarity, it looks like the support page for the update is down as well. [Macrumors]


    There sure was some detailed testing done on that patch,those apple engineers where probably at some fancy party in silcon valley instead of actually doing their job.

    Yes, if only you'd been in charge, I'm sure you'd do a much better job.

      I think it comes down to the fact that Apple prides itself on being so stable and never once ever crashing as Windows is the only operating system that does that. You just have to look at Apples marketing for those claims.

      While in the real world they both have faults as they are both made by humans and as such are as flawed.

        So very true.
        Those that swallow and propagate the marketing are a little sad though.

          I think the Fanbois quote OSX to be so stable and hack proof, malware proof awesomeness. Apple never claimed it to be, much like MS doesn't carry on about W7 being as awesome as it is. Usually it's third party software creating the problems.

          I love it when the word UNIX gets dropped because apparently having some loose tie to a stable OS from the 1980s that was bastardised by Job's NeXT OS before Apple bought it and bastardised the bastardised version to create OSX is a recipe for making the best OS.

          Not in this case. Oops!

            So you say Apple never claimed they don't crash or have problems

            You are right about 3rd party apps most prblems I fix on PC are caused by 3rd party apps. I have a GodMother who got crappy at MS cos Office crashed her Mac and it wasn't too long ago Gizmodo had an article of Safari crashing a PC as an iFrame value was too high.

            It ALWAYS goes both ways.

        Specifically what marketing are you referring to?
        Can we please have an example?

          I'm mainly referring to the marketing audience. :)
          But for examples, just look at the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads. You'll find examples there.
          Technically they weren't very clever ads, full of exaggeration, falsehood, myth, whatever, basically no different from any ad ever created, but they were brilliant in getting their message across and creating an image.

    About to forward it on to all the "Apple just works" fanbois in the office

      Oh, before you do that, just ask them if they had a problem. I'm sure the only problem they have in the office is with a douche like you.

    Seems to work ok for me... Also, Gizmodo, your using the wrong link to the page.

    Since you added "?viewlocale=null&locale=null" of course it wont work.

    I just love the Apple haters tripping over their nappies to get to the keyboard just to comment here. Have updated 8 machines when the update came out, and guess what. As usual, no problems AT ALL! Sorry to spoil your hate party. Sad you have to cling onto a small glitch that has affected a small few to hang your infantile hate hot on. Fools, enjoy your mediocre windows/android lives. Ha.

      I think you just proved my point. The amount of PCs I sell, use and maintain and I don't see half the issues that match what Apple people say are just standard in the PC world. Whilst Windows isn't perfect it isn't the bug riddled craptacular its made out to be.

      However 3rd party software is the main culprit for problems I see and that problem exists everywhere. I have seen errant code on a website bring a Linux box to its knees. Macs have their applications crash else why would there exist an interupt command.

      Even look at Mobile Phones with iOS, Android and WP7. All have suffered from bad software, granted Android is the only OS I have heard that gets viruses outside a jailbroken iPhone they have all had software that has screwed and caused battery issues. Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia 800 all have had their share of battery woes.

    Man, every time an article on this website mentions Apple or Android the hate comments just fly in. Worse when both are mentioned in the same title...

    Grow up people, you're acting like imbeciles.

      Thank you!

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