Apple May Have To Stop Selling The iPad In China

After losing a trademark lawsuit last year against a Chinese company, Apple may have to pay a fine and stop selling and marketing the iPad in China. An ironic outcome, if it finally goes through.

Last year, Apple sued a company called Proview Technology Shenzhen. The latter said they had the rights to the iPad name in continental China, even while the company's Hong Kong branch sold the name to Apple in 2009. Apple lost that lawsuit.

Now, Proview Technology Shenzen is asking "the court to stop selling and marketing for Apple's iPad in China". According to the company's lawyer, Xie Xianghui, they are also demanding "an apology". I like that.

The case is now going to be heard in a Shanghai district court. There's also another lawsuit pending in Beijing for the same reasons, this one asking a for a 240 million yuan ($35 million) fine. [Ecns and China Daily via ismashphone]



    That country is a joke. Apple should get Foxconn to have a word with the government

      Yeah, so pathetic that the US owes them more money than they can pay back! So pathetic that they are now the second or third most powerful nation in the world! Indeed so pathetic that if they go bust, or rogue, the worlds economy will tank.... big time.... ;)

        I can't see how any of your rant warrants a "smiley face" finish..
        Jodey has a point, Foxconn employs tens of thousands of people of China who's largest customer is Apple. They would have the ability to negotiate with the Chinese Government a better outcome for Apples products in China.
        Personally I would never buy any of Apple's products, because like China, Apple is communist.

          Ah lighten up Joedy called the country of China a joke, which it most certainly is not ;)

          Tens of thousands? try 800,000

          And even so, negotiation assumes two parties who both must compromise to get to a better solution. US and its companies have no way near enough negotiating power. Largely to do with China holding US by the short and curlys economically (enormous reserve of US currency, and enormous amount of US debt)

          Timmahh's smilie face is supposed to communicate his satisfaction with the balance of power being tipped in China's favour to the point where if the US and her companies wants to do business with China - they will have to do this on China's terms. Once can only assume Timmahh believes this is right and just.

            About time someone held their ground against the US and gave them a dose of their own medicine. I have sat back in Australia and watched with wonderment that an American company can cry poor and out government intervenes on their behalf.

            The Free trade agreement between Australian and the US only has concessions in the US's favour. For example US producers can import beef into Australia without any targetted import duties but Australia cant do so for 18 years and then if the US decided they want to keep charging they can decide to do so.

            The US goes into other countries and cooerces them into instituting laws that help US businesses maintain profits. The laws of a country are supposed to be a common agreement of the rules that a society is governed by. In this case the rules are not even what that society wants, but what the businesses of another country want.

            How many cases have there been of people being extradited to the US for a crime that exists in the US only and not even committed in the US? there have been wuite a few. A recent case in the UK is a good example.

          Law is law u have to obey it, it doesnt matter if it is against the western company, u can not blackmail them that it employs an army of people, I hate apple fans who r stupid and cant judge the thing on common sense and respect of law.
          China is the second largest Economy of the World.

          joedy Ssmith I wish u have gone to school in ur life.

    ah Apple, it brings a smile to my face to see you get screwed over :D

      It's almost justice after all the patent trolling they have been doing, halting development in the industry. And they obviously want to be in China since the large population would mean large sales figures.

    What this company in China is trying to do to Apple is no different to what Apple has been doing with Samsung and the Galaxy Tab in Oz. Sure, the situation and reasons might be different. But in the end, one is trying to stop the other from selling a certain product in a certain country.

    It's no wonder Apple is looking to manufacture their products in South America. China is a joke, but I'm sure Apple aren't laughing as this is going to cost them dearly.

    lololol patent-troll karma?

    Apple have very good, forward thinking lawyers, but they dropped the ball in this case. It's their fault, not China (what idiot would blame the entire country?), and not Apple. whatever team is in charge of negotiating these things mistakenly thought that Hong Kong rules apply to the whole country, those guys failed big time.

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