Anonymous Says They've Killed The CIA's Website

One of Anonymous' Twitter mouthpieces claims the hacker collective just took down It's definitely down. If this is what it looks like, it could be Anon's greatest hit so far.

The attack -- so far cosigned by two of the largest Anon Twitter accounts with a combined 600,000 followers -- would fall in line with the group's increasingly ambitious hit list of large corporate interests and powerful law enforcers. And it is, after all, #FuckFBIFriday, the end of the week occasion Anon often uses for hitting governmental agencies. Still, it would take a level of coordination and effort to knock off a federal site that should have revealed itself by now.

Update: Despite apparent confirmation via Twitter, nobody in Anon's IRC channels seem to have any idea what's going on.

Update 2: is still down, and no satisfactory explanation. One Anon told me the site is being DDoSed by a group of anti-pedophile hackers who are using seized kiddy porn servers as a botnet against the CIA. That'd be something!

Update 3: has now been down for well over an hour.



    I have no problem with these guys hitting sites in an attempt to curb Gov's from messing with our web freedoms, but the amount of power they have to do what they do, will no doubt be used for less altruistic purposes sooner or later. That is something to worry about!

    CIA Factbook is a cool site that I use. Its currently not available so yeah they must have screwed with it.

    DDoS attacks don't really impress me. There is no skill and elegance to it.

    Does anybody think this is actually affecting the CIA? That everybody stopped what they were doing because of this? I'd guess that the end result of this is just that the people in the IT department are having a bad day.

      when u see a ddos attack think 'COVERING FIRE!' for something else.

      it's just a bloody website.
      hack their file servers or intercept their phone calls. then we'll be somewhat impressed.

      Exactly. I'd be surprised if this website is even run by the CIA. It's probably outsourced to a 3rd party web hosting/development/design company. I'm sure the CIA has better things to do with their time than making websites.

    C'mon... it's just a co-ordinated DDoS... Are they just fucking with the USA gov for shits and giggles, or to actually acheive something?

    This kind of attack only provides fire for the soap supporters & does nothing for encouraging an open Internet or political change

    How long before they are declared terrorists?

      Man I hate soap, making me all clean and such.

    I'd be surprised if the CIA has even noticed their site is down. The chances that the CIA does any core business on an unclassified network connected to the internet are microscopically small.

    DDOS isn't exactly rocket science.

      Love him!

    lol using kiddyporn servers to attack govenment sites.... lol... i bet this is a ploy to get the FBI or other police force to raid the servers for information... theirby taking down a kiddyporn ring....

    Pedaphiles should be locked away for life. (and thats the polite version)

    These guys are playing with fire.
    Whats some nerd going when some big guys play him at visit, your computer is no good then. Going to stab them with a mouse or USB stick? (You used to be able to do some damage with a CRT, but LCDs are too light weight.)
    The CIA also has people who are experts in causing fatal "accidents". Your lawyer or/and computer is no help then.

    I just went to check it then, it's the 14th of February and it's 3:05am, and it's still down.

    Well done, Anonymous.

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