Americans Bigger Toilet Surfers Than Australians?

Americans Bigger Toilet Surfers Than Australians?

According to Telstra’s 2011 annual smartphone survey, 33 per cent of questioned Australians admit to ‘throne surfing’. Sure, that was across all ages, but it’s still low compared to 91 per cent of Americans aged 28 to 35 using their device on the loo, according to the New York Times. Moreover, a quarter of Americans say they won’t go to the toilet without their phone! So are Aussies cleaner — or just less honest?

And does it really matter…I mean, how different is a phone or tablet compared to reading a magazine, newspaper or book while going about your business. As long as you’re not making calls, I still think that’s kind of weird.

So what are Americans doing with their devices on the throne? Well, 63 per cent have answered calls (gross), 41 per cent have called someone else (really?), and 16 per cent in the 28-to-35 group have made purchases there. I can only begin to imagine what they bought.

Finally, an amazing 20 per cent of males have joined conferecnes calls from the throne, compared to 13 per cent of women. That is a lot of toilet-based phone meetings. At least it wasn’t video chat, right?

Some people will find all of this disgusting. I, however, applaud our toilet-based phone use. Multi-tasking is the future. Just be careful not to drop your handset.

Oh, and a big hello to anybody reading this while relieving themselves!
[New York Times; Image: LeeBrimelow]