Amazon Attacks iPad On Price, Doofusism

Amazon's Kindle ads have long gone after tablets over readability in sunlight, which is fair. But now that its Kindle Fire is a glare-prone LCD turbo-tab itself, the company has chosen a new battlefield: price. Hold on a sec!

There's no question that the Kindle Fire is one of the great deals in tech. And it's inarguably cheaper than the iPad. But let's not forget that it's also significantly less capable than the iPad. It's smaller, it has no camera, it packs less robust guts. And the iPad is, believe it or not, also a pretty fantastic bargain. It's great for what it is, but you're basically making fun of a Lexus for not being a Kia.

Oh, one more thread has remained in the Amazon ad oeuvre : and very attractive bikini ladies own Kindles, awkward doofus dudes own iPads. Actually, that one holds up pretty well. [TNW]

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