Amazon Attacks iPad On Price, Doofusism

Amazon's Kindle ads have long gone after tablets over readability in sunlight, which is fair. But now that its Kindle Fire is a glare-prone LCD turbo-tab itself, the company has chosen a new battlefield: price. Hold on a sec!

There's no question that the Kindle Fire is one of the great deals in tech. And it's inarguably cheaper than the iPad. But let's not forget that it's also significantly less capable than the iPad. It's smaller, it has no camera, it packs less robust guts. And the iPad is, believe it or not, also a pretty fantastic bargain. It's great for what it is, but you're basically making fun of a Lexus for not being a Kia.

Oh, one more thread has remained in the Amazon ad oeuvre : and very attractive bikini ladies own Kindles, awkward doofus dudes own iPads. Actually, that one holds up pretty well. [TNW]


    Is this ad telling me that to compare to an iPad I need two different devices? I don't think that is a good advertising strategy.

      No, that's not what it is saying at all, because the Kindle the nice lady is using has an eInk screen and is therefore doing something an iPad cannot. The ad is obviously linking to Amazon's past campaigns by showing eInk as well as the Fire's LCD screen, then pointing out you can have 3 for the price of one. Its a pretty good ad, I reckon.

        I think where it fails is that it doesn't make it clear that you can also read on the Kindle Fire. If I knew nothing about the products I could easily think that their was no overlap between them.

    $79 for Kindle! Sigh - I just paid $139 for the same model from Dick Smith!

    "And the iPad is, believe it or not, also a pretty fantastic bargain. It’s great for what it is". Really? Its just an iPhone with a big screen. OK, its cheaper than an iPhone but as soon as you go outside of the walled garden you can see that it is not cheap at all. I can buy a proper laptop for the price of an iPad and run proper software and plug in a USB Flash drive to transfer data. And if you add in the price difference between Fire and iPad, i.e. add $400, then you can buy yourself a grunty Ultrabook. I'm sorry but I cannot see any measure whereby an iPad is anything but a ridiculously overpriced and underperforming fashion accessory. Of course, this applies to all tablets but if you are going to waste money on one, Fire seems like the most money you need to waste. At least it doesn't duplicate expensive features you already carry around in your pocket, just those that make sense for its form factor.

    Every single iPad owner I know admits that it is not as useful as they thought it would be. They all assume that it will do everything their laptop does and are disappointed when they realise they have to keep both around. Its like buying a new TV and finding out it only receives half the channels, so you need to keep your old TV around for the rest or pretend that the other channels weren't really worth watching (which is the Apple fanboi perspective).

    A good example. Last night I was doing some artwork for a nightclub promoter at her place. She spent the whole evening wandering around with her iPad, checking up on various things on the 'net but when it came time to give me photos of the artists who are performing at her next event, she had to go and break out her laptop so that she could give them to me on a Flash drive (more than 80Mb of high res photos). Of course, the finished artwork will be several hundred Mb, so she'll need laptop again for that (I'm not wasting my bandwidth uploading it to SkyDrive, just because she wants to look trendy). She even admitted last night she should have bought a MacBook Air instead.

      Or she could have just emailed you some photos.

        For an average person they are not dealing with such large files and a tablet (any brand) would suffice. A quick transfer using Bluetooth, WI-Fi or email slows nobody down and still allows you to be agile, mobile and adaptable.

        "Every single iPad owner I know admits that it is not as useful as they thought it would be. They all assume that it will do everything their laptop does and are disappointed when they realise they have to keep both around."

        ...and therein lies the problem and why IT Support desks across the country are pulling their hair out when people (usually top level managers) rock up with their brand new tablet wanting access to business applications.

        It's not the tablet's fault. It's people's perceptions.

    I think this is actually some clever advertising, I don't think it's trying to compare the devices one for one, but rather get to the core of what a kindle or iPad is - single user device.

    This is going to make parents look at lot more seriously about a) the kindle family and b) the ability to afford a tablet/e-reader for themselves/children. It's letting people know that for the price of 1 iPad, you can get 2x tablets and an e-reader. It also shows that the cost of entry to check something out, is much less significant than it is for the iPad.

    I'm not saying that the devices are like for like comparable, but for the bulk of what people are going to be doing on them, I'd likely be more tempted by the Kindle than the iPad if my kids were involved. (Granted I'm a lot more technical than most people, and being in Australia - the Fire and it's content is not available here).

      @malliemcg, where there's a will there's a way. I am in Australia too, and just got one for my daughter. She's 7, so it's plenty for what she is going to use it for. Sure, it took a bit of fiddling around with a US shipping company, and working around the native Android OS, and if I want to download US-only content I have to set up a US debit visa (costs $15) and IP address (which fortunately I have connections to do for me) - but so far, it seems that doing so will be a luxury rather than a necessity. My daughter uses it for a couple of web-based games that require Flash, so it has a huge advantage over Apple, as well as her online schoolwork. I think it's a great buy - for around the same price as a Nintendo DS. I will definitely be getting one for my other daughter's birthday in a few months.

    Sooo.. hot chicks like Kindles... check

    I might just add that I love my iPad, I use it everyday.

    It's perfect for what I need; reading, browsing and watching content in bed and on the couch, to bring up recipes when I cook, syncing files with dropbox and connecting it to a projector in my job as a TAFE lecturer. I no longer use a USB because I don't need to, and I don't have to worry about losing it either.

    I think the Apple haters really don't understand the philosophies and values that Apple hold. They see it as reduced functionality, whereas I see it as doing things better. It's not just about specs or price. And if people don't get that about Apple products or why they are the number one company in the world then I guess they never will.

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