Alleged iPad 3 Development Photos Confirm Key Details

BGR is claiming that one of its sources has access to an iPad 3 prototype which, at this stage of development, it may be true. According to them, these debug screenshots confirm some of the speculation about the next Apple tablet:

• Confirmation of the presence of the faster A6 processor, "model number S5L8945X". The A4 is the S5L8930X and the A5 is S5L8940X.

• There model numbers are J1 and J2. BGR claims this is the same iPad available in Wi-Fi and GSM/CDMA/LTE flavours.

Like always, take all rumours for what they are worth: nothing until proved right. What I really want to see is data about the final resolution of that screen. [BGR]



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    Me likey iPad soooooooo much

    The Apple's device always have some rumors to deal with.

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