Adobe Photoshop Touch For iPad 2 Is Available Now

The Android version of Photoshop has been out for some time now, and it's just popped up on the App store -- although it's not without a couple of limitations. Firstly, a mild price grumble; the app is $US9.99 on the US app store, but somehow this translates to $10.49 by the time the bits are translated into Australian. Yes, I know, this is how the upper tiers of iOS pricing go -- but it's still daft.

The other caveat with Photoshop Touch is that it's limited to iPad 2 units running iOS 5.0 only, so original iPad owners need not apply. [App Store via Macrumors]


    What does it do? i.e. Does it support layers, blend modes, adjustment layers, etc? Can you "fade" effects? Does it have better colour tools than Photoshop or just the same garbage? I'd go and have a look for myself but I don't have iTunes.

      To your first few questions. No, no and no. Its a photo filter app with finger painting abilities.

      No layers, no PSD file compatibility.

        clearly, you are thinking of photoshop express, which has been out for some time, and is supported on the ipad 1st generation.

        from the app description, the first bullet point:
        •Use popular Photoshop features designed for the tablet such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters to create mind-blowing images.

        so it would appear the answer is yes, yes, and yes.

        also you can send files from photoshop touch to open in photoshop CS5

        acutaly it does do layers, go to the website and have a look before making stupid comments

    yes I want to see the artist who did this demo pic on an ipad

    The Android version is cheap enough, but then it would want to be given it's limitations. It's real pain in the but when you are working at the pixel level, and it is useless for cpu intensive editing. This version will be much the same.

    Here's the promo clip:

    Looks extremely stripped back, possibly good for getting rough ideas down but it looks like it's missing a lot of essential tools for doing more advanced editing. Plus, using your fingers.. no thanks.

    Just a quick comment re-the grumble on pricing.... It may translate to $10.49, but AU pricing includes GST, while US prices don't.

    If you really want to grumble about pricing, aim them at Sony & Microsoft who HAVE NOT updated their pricing in the slightest since we hit, and passed, parity. $15 dollar games on US PSN are $24 on the AU PSN.

    Sorry it's a little off topic, but I wish people would stand up and complain to Sony & Microsoft. Apple adjusted their pricing, it's about time the others followed suit. So what say Gizmodo, how about starting up a fair-pricing campaign against Sony & Microsoft.

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