Adding Mini Paper Plates To Pizza Boxes Is Unadulterated Genius

Winner of a much-deserved Red Dot Design Award, the Paper Dish replaces the greaseproof sheet found between a pizza and a cardboard box with an improved design that easily tears apart creating a miniature paper plate for each slice.

Mind = blown.

Created by Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung and Kwon Young Hee, the clever design helps keep your fingers clean, while also eliminating the stack of napkins usually required to share a pizza. Now if they find a way to incorporate red Solo plastic cups for soda as well, their design could very well revolutionise the fast-food industry. [Red Dot via Fancy]


    Yeah right, as if I've ever had a pizza that was cut perfectly even like the one pictured... It's an urban legend

    you are using the word 'unadulterated' too much! Good idea, but you can quite easily just rip the lid of the pizza box up to do the same thing - less waste too :D

    Nope. This seems to be a rip off of a much better idea:

    Why use another piece of paper inside the box, when you can use the box itself as the plate!? Also in which country does pizza come with the above mentioned "greaseproof sheet found between a pizza and a cardboard box"?

      Have also never seen or heard of the greaseproof sheet of paper. Where are you getting this fancy ass pizza from?

    I feel like I should say something about land fill and how many trees they will need to cut down for this Unadulterated Genius, as you call it.

    You know, there is this invention called a plate, which comes in various sizes and you don't have to get another new one every time you buy a pizza. Instead you can just wash it after you use it and put it in the cupboard for the nest time. Now that is Unadulterated Genius!

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