Accused Rapist Trolls Police On Facebook

This is Dustin McCombs. Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, in Alabama, is accusing him of being a "rapist by force". They posted his wanted mugshot in their Facebook's Creep of the Week page. When Dustin McCombs learnt about it, he was pissed off and started to troll the sheriff.

This is the clusterf*ck that ensued in the picture comments.

McCombs' first reply to the posting of the wanted "rape by force" mugshot.

Instead of shutting him down, whoever runs the sheriff's office Facebook page jumps right into the bait. McCombs replies that he's getting a lawyer and asks if he can turn himself in another "nicer" county.

Sheriff keeps talking.

Sheriff offers him to talk via email but McCombs prefers to talk in public on Facebook.

The dumb kid just can't stop talking, now asking the police for legal advice.

This is like watching a train crash in slow motion.

McCombs accuses them of defamation of character for posting the mugshot.

Some dude piles on. People are so nice.

The police finally realises that it's dumb to put up this public show.

McCombs finally posts the obligatory "I didn't do it" phrase. Just after this, the whole mugshot and conversation was deleted by the sheriff's office.

Part of Jefferson County Sheriff Office's Facebook Creep of the Week page, now without McComb's mug shut or conversation.

[The Daily What via Buzzfeed]

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