20m High Lego Church Is Really A Party Cathedral

Rejoice! For the Church of the Holy Brick is here. Called Abondantus Gigantus, it was built in 2011 around a 20m spire for the Grenswerk Festival, in the town of Enschede, Netherlands.

The church was not really a church. Although a mass was celebrated there at one point, it was created as a public venue designed to celebrate all sorts of things, from town meetings to raves to Lego building contests.

The spire and all its structure except the roof were constructed using concrete blocks similar to Lego or Duplo bricks. They were painted in the same five primary Lego colours that the Danish manufacturer uses on its basic sets.

After the festival ended, the building was disassembled and the blocks were safely stored. They will be reused in a new type of building in the 2012 edition of the festival.

I'm hoping for a giant bunny tower. [LOOS.FM via Inhabitat]

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