12 Floating Airports That Turn City Skylines And Rivers Into Landing Strips

Whether sitting atop the Hudson or drifting just above a skyscraper, these conceptual floating airports put landing strips where they're needed most: in the middle of bustling metropoleis. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 of the best.

Be sure to also check out these converted jets and jungle planes.

Aerial landing field on blimp

Japanese Megafloat Concept Airport

Edward Armstrong Seadrome

Skyscraper airport design concept, 1930

Proposed airport over Penn Station in NY, 1929

Turntable runway, rooftop airport for cities

Floating Runways for Seaplanes

Norman Bel Geddes' design for a floating airport off Wall Street

M Lurcat design for floating airport in middle of Paris

London Airport over Thames, 1930s

Zeckendorf's 1946 idea to deck over midtown Manhattan

Rooftop airport design from Amazing Stories, 1928

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