ZOMG One Tyre On The Paper Mustang Took Three Months To Construct

We showed you the guy who built a full-scale replica of a '69 Mustang from paper last year, but it's the details which really highlight just how psychotic a project this was. Like this one: the design for a single tyre involved more than 60,000 polygons, and took artist Jonathan Brand more than three months to build.

Brand gave a presentation on the project at Ford's mini-Ignite conference in Detroit this week. He was inspired to build the car because he and his father had restored an actual '69 Mustang, but then (weirdly) sold it before ever driving it. Even weirder: he designed and built the car largely without reference materials:

I did this mostly from memory. I wanted this to be more about my experience of the original car.

Obviously, a full-size paper car is no use whatsoever: as Brand pointed out, "It looks like real seats, but if you sit on them you'll destroy it." But it's so awesome a project I don't care.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman visited Detroit as a guest of Ford.

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